Wire Wrap Earrings




Introduction: Wire Wrap Earrings

A simple how-to tutorial on wire wrap earrings. Easy peesy gift for your favorite lady that takes about 30 minutes and is sure to please.

Materials :

  • briolette beads
  • jewelry wire (24-26 gauge)
  • chain nose plier
  • round nose plier
  • earring hooks

Step 1: Lets Do This!

Cut 25 cm (approx 9.5-10 inches) of wire. Slide on your briolette a couple of inches, pull the wire up and twist them together. Short wire is pulled up vertically and long wire is pulled off to the side.

Step 2: Make a Loop

Pinch the base of the small wire with your round nose pliers. Pull the small wire over the pliers and around to make a loop. Then twist the wire around its base to hold the loop in place. Keep twisting the wire until there is nothing to twist no more!

Step 3: Wrappy Wrappy Wrap

Now take the long wire off to the side and start wrapping down around the other wires and towards the briolette. Continue down the briolette, but leave enough wire to swing back up to the top and pinch off.

Step 4: Add a Hook

And that is that!

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