Wire Wrapped Cracked Marble Charm Necklace Tutorial




Introduction: Wire Wrapped Cracked Marble Charm Necklace Tutorial

http://www.JewelryLessonVideos.com presents: Wire Wrapped Cracked Marble Charm Necklace Tutorial. In this lesson, Susan Karczewski will teach you the cracked marble making process from start to finish. After following Susan’s step-by-step instructions on how to crack your marble, you will next learn how to wire wrap a circular cage around your marble so it can be strung from a chain. You will also be able to hang a small charm from the bottom of your necklace to accent your piece.

Discover the world of cracked marble jewelry making today and intertwine it with wire wrapping to make your cracked marble charm necklace.

For this lesson you will need:
Wire Cutters
Needle Nose Pliers
Two 6mm Round Copper Jump Rings
Copper Charm
Alcohol Swab
Cat’s Eye Marbles
Permanent Marker
Metal Baking Dish
Plastic Container
10” of Copper Square 16 Gauge Wire
Copper Chain

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Step 1: Watch the Video Above to Get Started!

We are educating the masses on how to make jewelry through our easy to follow video tutorials! Please watch the above video lesson and feel free to pause, fast forward, and rewind as much as you would like during your training.

Through video, we allow you to work at your own pace and have a complete visual representation of every step that is required to make the piece of jewelry that is featured in our lesson.

If you are unable to watch this video on your mobile device please watch it from our fully responsive website at: http://www.jewelrylessonvideos.com/wire-wrapped-cracked-marble-charm-necklace-tutorial

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