Introduction: Wire Wrapped Jewelry

This pendant is a random one, All you need is:

crafting wire

beads, charms etc

Round nose pliers

Cutting pliers

And Imagination ;)


Tbgelfling (author)2016-06-21

This is beautiful, thank you for sharing. A complete beginner would certainly need to have the steps broken down more slowly but I like seeing the way that this came together. I get the general idea and there is a lot of room for personal interpretation. Thank

Dragonfly83 (author)Tbgelfling2016-06-22

Thank you for your feedback. I'll get a proper instructions to my makes in the future but most of them 'just happen' and are so random I can't get proper steps documented properly :) I'll take some time aside to make a proper one one day.

seamster (author)2016-06-17

Nicely done, thank you for sharing how you made this!

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