Introduction: Wire Wrapped Marble Pendants

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These pendants are easy to make and you can make them into all sorts of designs and aren't very complicated.

Step 1: Materials

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You will need the following things:

Wire ( Any gauge just not to thin otherwise you will have to wrap it a lot of times )


Wire cutters




Rubber pliers protectors ( Old bike tire things work well )

A cylindrical object the size of your marble

jump ring ( for attaching things too )

Step 2: Start Bending

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Take your wire and bend it into a circle either by hand or around your handle or rod. Then make a fold on top to hold your marble in like the pictures.

Step 3: Bend Again

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Insert your marble into your half cage and fold the wire over the marble to complete the cage.

Step 4: Complete

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Taada!! Done. You can now add a jump ring if you want it to be easier to attach things like key-rings or chains. Thank you for reading this 'ible and please contact me if you want to sell these or such and vote.


Very pretty!

Thank you.

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