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This is my first attempt at making a Mockingjay emblem from The Hunger Games series. I've seen plenty of mockinjay pins online, and I thought I might try my hand at making a wire-wrapped version.  

Everything is wrapped out of 24 gauge brass wire. 

If you like my mockingjay and want a full instructable, let me know in the comments:)

Thanks for looking, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


ladysharlyne (author)2017-03-15

This is lovely and would make a great present for my grandaughter Could I have the Instructable on this please

ladysharlyne (author)2016-08-29

Its Lovely and I would love the instructable on this please. Thank you so very much

zjawesome (author)2014-06-17


thehbird (author)2013-12-30

Full instructable now!!!!

numnut (author)2013-12-19

Full one plz

edanlikessteak (author)2013-11-16

Make a full instructable!!!!!

Jaxton Maez (author)2013-11-15

What happened to making an instructable? Make it! It was last year!

Mattakers (author)2013-11-15

Make a full instuctable!

_mj_ (author)2013-11-10

This is amazing I need this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sexymillie62 (author)2012-09-07

I would love this instructale! You made a wonderful job congratulations!

kattynasco (author)2012-04-14

dont bother asking if others want an instructable. go ahead and make one, people will love it!

garytoast (author)2012-03-20

Hurry and have it for midnight premire

tech dawg (author)2012-02-15

This is a great build I think you should make a tutorial! :D

scoochmaroo (author)2012-02-13

Yay! I can't wait for the tutorial! I definitely want one of these.

eross-1 (author)2012-02-13

Thanks guys! I will get started making an instructable very soon!

nottotallyhere (author)2012-02-13

Oo, I would love to know how you made this :) Awesome job.

Kryptonite (author)2012-02-12

You HAVE to make an Instructable for this! It's absolutely brilliant, is it entirely brass wire?

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