Picture of Wire Wrapped Pendant
About five years ago I was making ceramic pendants and looking for special custom settings when I found wire wrapping. Wire wrapped settings require few materials and tools and use no heat or glue. They are so versatile that once you have the basics down you can create a beautiful setting for anything from a cabochon to a seashell.
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Step 1: What you need:

Picture of What you need:
You can use any kind of nontoxic metal wire, though I prefer to by jewelry grade wire online. Wire Sculpture and Rio Grande are excellent sources. If you're just beginning I recommend copper or bronze. They're inexpensive and look great with polish or patina. To get started buy at least 5-10 feet of 21 or 22 gauge dead soft SQUARE wire and 5 feet of 22 gauge dead soft HALF ROUND wire.

That's it, assuming you have something to wrap. Wrapping a round or oval cabochon in the 30 - 40 mm range will be easiest.

(Shown above: copper wire on a goldstone cabochon.)

Tools are very important. I used cheap jewelry pliers (~$10) for a while, but once I was sure I would stay with wire wrapping, I got good ones (~$50). It made a huge difference, especially in how tired my hands would get. If you do this, hang on to your cheap tools - there's always a use pliers you won't worry about. The basic tools you will need to get started are:

Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters
Small round mandrel, bail pliers or pen

Later you can add chain nose pliers, jewelry files, bail making pliers and more. I treat myself to a new high-quality tool every so often.

its not wire wrapping but this one took me a long time

Wow, I bet it took a long time. It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
SparkySolar10 days ago

Thank you for your Instructable

Nice job.


My pleasure! Show if you make something!
jshipley18 months ago
Hey. I'd love to read the rest of this. I get about one third of the way through it and my iPod crashes. Not mobile friendly. There are many huge long white sections and I have to scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll before I get to any text or photos. I get to where you bend over the ends of two pieces of wire...I don't know what they are for because it crashes before I get to any text. I'm surprised nobody else mentioned that. Perhaps all the mobile folk are just giving up and not letting you know there is a problem. But the pendant in the search results is really, REALLY nice and I'd sure love to know how you did it.
Rhonda Chase Design (author)  jshipley18 months ago
HI! Probably you should contact the tech department, but here's my two cents. I have an iphone and the instructable comes up fine after I click "show all steps". Though sometimes it does take a few minutes depending on the internet service I'm using. Another option is to download the PDF. It'll take a while to download, but then you'll have the instructions. I hope this helps!

Thank you, Rhonda. It did keep crashing my ipod, so I logged on with my pc and it looks completely different. Have no clue why it wouldn't load properly, but I'm really glad I took the time to check your article out on my pc. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, and you have given me some great ideas on how to take my wire-wrapping a bit further and have even more fun with it. Really super. Thank you and also, thank you for answering my comment. I appreciate that. :D

Rhonda Chase Design (author)  jshipley18 months ago

You're so very welcome! Have fun & maybe send me a photo : )

gallac10 months ago
great tutorial :) thanks for posting it. I didn't have any pendents or flat wire (just round) so i used a small bottle. i would have posted a picture but i seem to be having trouble uploading one....

rickharris10 months ago
Some of the nicest wire wrapping work I have seen.
Rhonda Chase Design (author)  rickharris10 months ago
Thank You! That means a lot to me, If you give it a try, please post your work. I'd love to see it!
that's weird and amasing, i've done that pendant few months ago ! Amasing work btw.
Rhonda Chase Design (author)  stico10 months ago
Very pretty! I like how you used the decorative loops for the hanging wire. Clever!
makwa10 months ago
I have never been a fan of any of the wore wrapped jewelry I have seen- until this piece. Lovely really well done .
lmperkins10 months ago
Excellent 'ible! I've wanted to learn how to do this for a while and yours has been the clearest explanation that I've seen.
Rhonda Chase Design (author) 10 months ago
Thank you so much everyone! I can't believe the response I've gotten with this instructable. I hope you enjoy working with wire and send me photos of your creations. Have a fabulous New Year!
bevers10 months ago
Very inspirational!

I teach technology classes at the local high school, and have been looking for a fun project to help middle-school-aged students become comfortable with basic tools before I turn them loose on expensive computers. This just may be the ticket. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this instructable.
tdc220210 months ago
I love your work! I make beautiful paper bead cabochons (?) that would look great with this type of wrap. I must try it! Thank you for sharing!
robbadooz10 months ago
You are able to finish where I cannot. You showed me how to just let loose and where to be precise! Thanks!
ahmeder8510 months ago
awesome. Keep up the good work
cart56210 months ago
From someone who has researched wire wrapping fairly extensively and made many pendants, this is some of the best I've seen of this type. I get the wrapping part, it's the decorating that I just can't do. Keep up the good work.
RobBBorger10 months ago
This was very helpful and informative. Thank you for sharing. I have done a little wire wrapping and plan on doing more, I wish I had this before I started.... Would have saved me a good bit of wasted wire.
Mrspott10 months ago
Awesome. I have had trouble wire wrapping before but i think i can do this
Dentskweezer10 months ago
That's really neat! Thank you for sharing that info!
rcalzadilla10 months ago
Beautiful! Just Beautiful!!
emilie1410 months ago
beautiful <3 you have a great talent!!!!!
SolshineCrazy10 months ago
Slytherin colors!
StarwarsChick10 months ago
pretty! :D
Rhonda Chase Design (author)  StarwarsChick10 months ago
Thank you so much! Let me know if you try it!
This is beautiful!!!
Thank You! Happy Holidays!