Wire Zipper Slider Handle!





Introduction: Wire Zipper Slider Handle!

Have you ever had a zipper without the slide on it? It is just very hard to unzip and zip up the zipper.

So here is a very cheap replacement that electronic hobbyists will like.
It involves a telephone clip that connects two wires together when you insert two wires and push the button down.

Step 1:

You need to gather:

Pliers and wire cutter

Telephone wire connectors

Wire (Any color you like...)

Zipper with broken handle...

Oh, Yes. One more thing...

Rate and enjoy!

(it's free!!!)

Step 2: Wire

Cut the wire. When you cut it remember that you are going to fold it in half. (Let's save wire)

Step 3: Yes!

Now you are done. Show it off now. You can even solder the wire together...  Bye....
Thanks for enjoying and rating.



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    Nice, but in an emergency situation you can use a simple paperclip.

    Just be aware that some of these connectors are filled with a type of grease to make the connection waterproof. You probably don't want that stuff on your clothes.

    The hole that the zipper pull goes in is broke. Is there anything I can do to make it work?

    Ah, the good old scotchlok.


    Can't believe I didn't think of it, there is a collection of these splices next to me. It has all the essentials; cheap, fast, simple, and best of all unique.

    Agreed. I kinda feel dumb for not thinking of this.

    found lots of interesting information here. The post was professionally written and I feel like the author has extensive knowledge in the subject. Keep it that way.
    Luton Airport Transfer

    This is a GREAT idea for casual or funky clothing! Will keep it firmly in mind!

    However for items that need to have a more formal finished look to them you can go to SHOPZIPPERMEND.COM and find a very clever little gadget ----the zipper pull fixer has a "slide" feature and opens sideways, the little loop goes thru the hole in the leftover zipper part, and the item gets slid back over the loop and snaps closed---if needed you can give it a small nudge with a pair of pliers or a tap on a table top with a hard book etc.

    These come in several useful colours like antique bronze , silver and black etc. They look like they were made for the items---no odd patchwork cob job look here. (This is for things like formal leather jackets and outerwear and suit pants remember!) They also have cute little neoprene covers in hot colours for them---in case you need a real sturdy pull but want that funky look too!

    I don't work for these clever people but I do sell a lot of vintage clothing and I often need to replace zipper pulls. These have saved my bacon several times and put clothing back out in use that would otherwise have gone to the scrap pile.

    For getting small fine zippers fixed I have used a gadget used in sewing to pull cording thru hems and waistbands. This is a fairly long---abt 9"-wire with a tiny hook with a latch closer on it. Poke the turner wire thru the eye in the zipper puller and use it to grab a piece of cord. wire, or whatever you can find and use the little hook and latch to grasp and hold as you pull. This can also ease the left over zipper pull metal just enough to get something slightly thicker thru without damaging the metal. This is an amazing tool to have around and you will find many uses for one. VEry skinny but very strong!

    If you find yourself in ski wear and break a zipper pull lop off a piece of your jackets hem or hood shock cord and thread it thru the zipper pull for a quick fix. Either knot or steal one of the shock cord adjusters for the moment to close. There is always too much shock cord and if it really leaves you "short" can be easily replaced using the tool above. Cord adjusters can be bought at EMS or similar as can the cord itself.

    Love this. My zipper tab broke off 2 winters ago and I put a paper clip on. My paper clip just broke two nights ago! Unfortunately the hole is VERY small on this one. The paper clip was a bear to get through. I'll have to see if I can find the connectors you've posted. Thanks for the Instructable.