It's a bit difficult to convey what this thing does in words, but I think you'll have a better idea from the picture. It's a metal wire bent in a way which it can hold your phone (or any other light object) in front of your face. What's the point of this I hear you ask? You could use it to watch youtube on your phone while doing other things, you take a video and use it as a way to demonstrate things for your instructables that require two hands to operate, maybe your trying a new recipe and you want to have the phone in front of you.

This instructable has the added advantage of being made using easily accessible materials, the design is on that I came up with, through a tweaking here and there. The brief I gave myself is to be able to hold the phone in your visual field while you perform minimal movement. Other things I tried is to mount it on the shoulder and around the head. As you can guess that didn't work for me.

Lets get started on the next step...


Step 1: Get the Things!

You will need:
- A metal wire coat-hanger like the ones you get back from the drycleaners.
- A length of string no longer than 1m, and a pair of scissors to cut it.
- Pliers, I have needle nose ones here (they have a smaller end) but I don't see why normal ones wouldn't work.
- Some blu-tak to help secure your phone to the coat-hanger.

<p>Well done brother!</p><p>We were just talking about inventing a similar thing on our show today. You can hear it at TOMANDLARRY.CA. The show is titled 'The Peanuts' Enjoy!</p>
Thanks for your comments. It's funny I made this instructable and since publishing have seen a commercial implimentation of the same concept. Maybe I could have beat them to it if I had a few more resources.<br>Keep Inventing

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