Wire-coat-hanger-toilet-roll Holder...





Introduction: Wire-coat-hanger-toilet-roll Holder...

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It's pretty self-explanatory isn't it. Heh. I saw this once online selling through a designer website. If anybody knows the website please inform me. Post it in the comments.

So what you'd need"

1x Wire coat hanger
1x Pliers

Steps: Follow the dimensions shown in the 2nd picture below and some good ol' guess-timation. cheers!



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    I'm going to give this a try as our ensuite is super tiny and a nice slimline toilet paper holder like this won't stick out as much as some of the horizontal style holders do. I love the idea of it just being made from a wire coathanger too!! Ingenious!! Thankyou! :D

    where the roll sits on, i made it longer and put a curve at the end so the roll doesn't fall off. also i used black electrical tape for the hook because i took apart the whole hanger. this can be used as a tissue dispenser in a room.

    wingo! nice bends. how did you avoid the torquing of the hanger during the bend session?


    Very nice! I live in an app and my br is small. this shuld save space lol (><) thanks

    OOOH I like this! Good call. Since I live in college housing our tp holders ALWAYS break! I will have to hook one of these up!