I love dragons and I love making things. I want to share how to make a metal dragon pendant with NO soldering, casting or hot work.
You will need:

round nose pliers
chain nose or needle nose pliers (if they have ridges on the jaws, cover with masking tape to avoid marring the wire)
wire cutter or flush cutter
Awl or small, sharp nail or heavy t-pin
craft scissors (don't use your good sewing scissors because you will be cutting the metal foil - bad for quality scissors)
sand paper - 180 or 220 grit or emory board for finger nails

2 seed beeds - about 2 mm diameter, size 10/0  (for eyes)
20 gauge wire - copper, brass, silver etc.
26 or 28 gauge wire (you can use up to 24 gauge but it is much harder get neat results)

heavy metal foil or thin sheet metal - 4 oz. copper foil, 36-38 gauge tooling foil, such as this http://www.dickblick.com/products/pure-metal-tooling-foil/ or use metal from clean soda pop cans.

optional: 32 gauge wire  

Step 1: Cut Out the Wings

Decide on wing style and size. Or, you can use trace the traditional batwing style wings that I used.
1.  Fold wing pattern in half (or design just one wing). 
2. Measure or eyeball the width and fold one edge of the metal sheet over a little wider than the wing width.
3. Place the shoulder side of the wing on the folded edge of the foil.  Secure pattern with tape or trace wing with a fine permanent marker (whatever kind can mark on metal).

*****  CAUTION: Metal foil can be sharp and give you a nasty 'paper-cut'.  Handle with care!  Hold the metal by the flat sides, not the sharp edges *****
4. Carefully cut around the outside of the wing pattern. DO NOT cut the folded edge, leave the wings attached on the shoulder side so they can be wired to the body.
5. Lightly sand the sharp edges of the cut foil, just enough to remove the sharp bits.
<p>really nice! This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks for sharing your project!</p>
<p>really nice! This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks for sharing your project!</p>
I've been wanting to make a dragon pendant for a long time, but I don't know how to solder. But THIS, I can do. And I have all the materials right here too. Looks like I've got me a late night jewelry project!
This is seriously great, and I can't wait to make one myself! The eyes are so cute.<br><br>Totally voted for you, good luck!
Thank you and Enjoy. Please send me a picture when you make yours - I love to see other dragons!
i have never seem anything so beautiful as this dragon . i want to make it for my bff and bf lol:) thnk u for the idea:P
I made one just now, it only took about an hour or so. I didn't have foil, so I just wrapped the wings. It was a very fun project, thanks for the idea!
Awesome! The wire wings look really good, thanks for the picture :-)
It look really nice! congratulation!
Very cool, where did you learn your technique?
Thank you. I am mostly self taught - I just like to play around with wire (and lots of other stuff). I wanted the wings to be stiff and self-supporting, but did not want to solder the ribs or use glue. Late one night I had a 'eureka' moment and thought 'sewing' with wire could work well to secure the ribs. I think it's called 'couching' if you embroider and use thin thread to secure a heavy thread or string of beads to fabric. Or maybe it's more like 'applique' with wire.<br>

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