Step 3: Make the head

Picture of Make the head
This is the hardest step, forming the head.  I've tried several variations and each produced a different 'personality' or expression. 
Basic formation is bending tight loops in the wire, twisting and flattening as needed.  Details are added with smaller gauge wire and seed beads for eyes.

 Head:  You need at least two loops, one for the upper jaw and another for the lower jaw.  You can also start with a single horn or two additional loops for ears.

1.Start with about 1 foot of 20 gauge wire.  With round nose pliers make a small loop about 2 inches (5 cm) from the end of the wire.  Make another small loop parallet to the first loop.  These are your TWO EARS.
2. Bend long end of wire 90 degrees and form a slightly larger loop for the UPPER JAW.  Make a second loop the same size or a little smaller to form the LOWER JAW.
3. Decide on jaw orientation.  The first set of pictures show a dragon head with the wide part of the jaws parallel to the ground.  This results in a dragon with a BLOCKY head (copper body dragon).  Twist the jaws 90 degrees so the loop is visible in side profile and you will have a NARROW headed dragon.
4.Twist wires once under the lower jaw to secure the head loops and form a NECK.