Step 5: Add the Arms

Make sure the two heavy gauge wire end from the head have been twisted or wrapped to form a secure neck.  Thread the wires between the two body wires.  Bend wire in opposite directions, to form a t-shape.  Decide on arm length, 1/2-3/4 inches is good.  Measure out the arm length and sharply bend the wire with a flat or chain nose pliers.  Repeat for second arm.  Pass the tail of the are wirm back through the body to secure the arms.  Leave ends straight out the back of the bosy to attach wings.  You can twist arms to get a spiral texture down the arms.

Legs?  If you want, give it a try.  I like the clean lines you get with just arms.  Besides, legs would take longer and I wanted to finish this instructable as soon as I could :-)

<p>really nice! This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks for sharing your project!</p>
<p>really nice! This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks for sharing your project!</p>
I've been wanting to make a dragon pendant for a long time, but I don't know how to solder. But THIS, I can do. And I have all the materials right here too. Looks like I've got me a late night jewelry project!
This is seriously great, and I can't wait to make one myself! The eyes are so cute.<br><br>Totally voted for you, good luck!
Thank you and Enjoy. Please send me a picture when you make yours - I love to see other dragons!
i have never seem anything so beautiful as this dragon . i want to make it for my bff and bf lol:) thnk u for the idea:P
I made one just now, it only took about an hour or so. I didn't have foil, so I just wrapped the wings. It was a very fun project, thanks for the idea!
Awesome! The wire wings look really good, thanks for the picture :-)
It look really nice! congratulation!
Very cool, where did you learn your technique?
Thank you. I am mostly self taught - I just like to play around with wire (and lots of other stuff). I wanted the wings to be stiff and self-supporting, but did not want to solder the ribs or use glue. Late one night I had a 'eureka' moment and thought 'sewing' with wire could work well to secure the ribs. I think it's called 'couching' if you embroider and use thin thread to secure a heavy thread or string of beads to fabric. Or maybe it's more like 'applique' with wire.<br>

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