Maybe you are thinking of setting up a NAS or home server for storage, serving media files or  would like to have high pings in online gaming. This instructable will show you, how to wire your flat with standard networking cable (aka CAT5e). Why to use cables instead of a wifi connection? Because its way more fast and reliable than any wifi connection!

Comparison of transfer speeds (after deductions):

802.11b: 5-6 Mbit/s
802.11g: 20-22 Mbit/s
802.11n ("draft-n"): 100-120 Mbit/s

100Base-T ("Fast Ethernet"):  94 Mbit/s
1000Base-T ("Gigabit Ethernet"): 940 Mbit/s

Result: Just under ideal conditions wifi is able to beat a "slow" ethernet connection.

Step 1: Grab Your Tools

You will need some inexpensive tools and materials. I got mine from Ebay for ~10€:

- A crimping tool

- As many plugs as you need and a few more to be on the bright side if crimping failed. One of my jiffy bags include: Jack, bend protection and wire insertion pad.

- Cutter and/or wire peeler

- CAT-5e cable (A "gift" from a friend). Don't get the thick ones, they are for network wallets. Look for patch wire with the label "STP" (Shielded Twisted Pair).

<p>Just a question... why use a knife to strip the CAT-5 cable (and risk damaging inner wires - or the user ;) ) when the basic punch-down tool (yellow item in the first picture) has a wire stripper built in that's safer and easier to control? </p>
My connection to the internet doesn't provide for speeds over 20Mbit/s, so my 802.11g wireless is just as fast at downloading internet stuff as my wife's 100Base-T connected desktop, so wired connections won't help (me) with improving gaming pings outside of the house.<br /> <br /> A connection to a NAS, however, would be a whole different story. My wife's wired desktop would kick my laptop's butt at moving data, and for that, a wired connection is definitely preferred!<br />
first, ping in games is your network ping+internet connection ping+ping at server's network, so this does improve your ping.
little typo, cut not cutted
Thx :)
&nbsp;I don't recommend glue. Gaffer Tape is a good but temporary way to secure wires that cross a doorway. The best option is to route the wire along the edge of the door, around and above it. If that's too messy-looking and you don't have too many wires, I highly recommend running the wire underneath the carpet-- just pull up the carpet along the wall and make a path with fish tape ($15 at your hardware store) or something sturdy like a yardstick/broom. This is especially ideal for apartments since you can pull dozens of wires out of the carpet in a few minutes leaving little or no evidence behind (and you aren't constrained to running along walls.)
Depending on how good your wifi connection is, pings will increase a lot. Why? Because you have no more packet loss. I play Urban Terro online (ego-shooter) and ping is essential. With a wifi connection my ping fluctuated between 120 and 80. With a cable connection between 70-90.<br /> <br /> Please share your experiences with my instructable and give feedback. Happy crimping :D<br />

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