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This is a nice project that you can continue to work on and modify as you learn more Arduino projects. This Instructable goes through the complete build for the bluetooth enabled robot in the first half of the video. As long as you have a 3D printer this project is really easy to do and the electronic parts cost only around $30-$35. It takes in total about 35 hours to 3D print, but can be assembled and programmed in around 30 minutes. Requires only 2 screwdrivers to build and does not require any soldering.

All the individual .stl files are available on Thingiverse, as well as a complete 123d Design file so the robot can be modified.


There are 3 different scripts demonstrated in the video for the basic build that will be up on


I wanted to design this thing to be inexpensive and use common parts, so this robot uses 9V batteries currently. They run out pretty quickly with a lot of use, so I will probably end up designing a new piece that allows for the use of rechargeable lithium ion batteries and Adafruit power booster.

Also, if anyone knows of a good 3D printing service, so people without printers can make this, it would be much appreciated, I got an initial estimate of over $1000 so I was discouraged from wasting any more time uploading the files elsewhere.

Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial- Share Alike

Step 1: Gather 3d Printed Parts, Tools, and Electronic Components.

First gather all the 3d printed parts that can be downloaded from Thingiverse.

Tools: You will need a regular screwdriver, a skinny screwdriver, superglue, and a little sandpaper.


$9 ———————2 Wheels with DC Motors

$3 ——————— 4 pieces of thin insulated wire (about 4 inches each) if the DC motors do not already have them.

$3————-l298 Motor Driver

$4———————-Arduino Uno R3 board

$4————————Jumper Wires (male to male and female to male)

$1———————9v Battery Holder

$2———————-HC-Sr04 sensor

$1————————Mini breadboard

$2————————2 RGB LEDS

$1————————3 220 ohm resistors

$3————————HC-06 Bluetooth module

$7————————6-32 X 1/2" SCREWS (Usually come in a pack of 100, only about 40 are needed)

? ———————— 9 volt battery

Parts list with links can be found here:


<p>Any chance of doing it without 3D printer? Don't have one ((</p>
<p>Thank you Matthew !! It's amazing !!<br><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/N-oz7KshgoE" width="500"></iframe></p>
<p>For those of you having difficulties with the Thingiverse files try this - Open the .stl file first in 123Design (download and install 123Design and create an account first, obviously, if needed). The build should now look like the picture in Thingiverse. Save this file. It doesn't seem to matter if you rename it or not. Next, in 123Design, Export the piece as an .stl and try to open this newly saved file in your 3D Printer managing software. This worked for me with a MakerBot Replicator 2.</p>
<p>PLEASE reply to me HOW did you manage to print the right leg &amp; left leg with a 3d printer?</p>
<p>Line section has no detailed installation tutorial?I do not understand</p>
<p>For those who made this, how did you get all the correct files for printing? There are a lot of missing/incorrect files if you try to get them from <a href="http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1252523" rel="nofollow">http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1252523</a></p><p>I've had my printer running for a day, and just realized I don't have all the pieces :/</p><p>Thanks, I hope!</p>
<p>Hi, I use file from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1252523 and work good for me. The same you said .</p>
<p>Yes done !!!!</p>
<p>Can anyone help me with the wiring? Can not get the wheel to work.Probably make a bad wiring somewhere. </p><p>Post more photo or better wiring schema .Thank .</p>
<p>Hi Matthew . I very Glad that you share the build of your Robot with all the community .It so nice .Can you tell more about adding Servo to let arm and ear to move. What are the kind of servo do you use ?. It a lot of time to print the part but it fun. I am at the neck part for now, bottom is done..Thanks !!!!</p>
<p>Forget the servo Question you already tell us in the bottom of the tread that is 9 Gram mini servo.</p>
<p>Hii matthew finally did it. But battery not coming for long time can you tell how much mAh battery using in the robot. </p>
<p>awesome job! I havn't got to figure that out yet, but as soon as I get some time I will keep you posted. </p>
<p>Hiii matthew is there any possibility of combining the obstacle avoidance code and bluetooth control code.</p>
<p>Is it only 9V battery or did you include more as mine powers on but doesnt move and the LED wont turn on</p>
<p>Did you get it working yet? If so I wanna see it! </p>
<p>No luck, its still not working</p>
<p>Yeah it is only the 9V battery, some of your connections might be wrong. Also, make sure it is a 9V battery. Sorry about the late response it's probably already fixed...</p>
<p>*I meant to say a NEW 9V battery, whenever the voltage drops to like 8 volts as the battery loses charge wierd things start happening. </p>
<p>I bought a rechargeable 9V. Is that okay? Also like to change the battery I have to remove the middle piece? </p>
<p>will you please send us the procedure or the pdf file for the expandable features as you shown in the video</p>
<p>I wasn't going to do a complete list of everything because there are just too many connections and different ways of doing it, so I was going to just make individual tutorials on how to do each feature. I just made one about giving your robot a voice: </p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/rdKk-1MRMqY" width="500"></iframe></p><p>I will probably do the next one on how to use a voice recognition module. So, you can get your Arduino to respond to voice commands. </p>
<p>Hi matthew your bot is nice and will you please tell us how to check mails and weather details with the help of bot </p>
<p>Hi Matthew. Very nice bot! My son will love it. </p><p>What kind of servos do you use in it? Could <br>you please share your code for servo control? Thanks. Paulo</p>
<p>Yeah any 9g micro servo should fit and I could send you the code via google drive if you want. It might differ though depending on how you decide to control them, I did not use a servo shield or controller in mine. </p>
<p>as you did for recognized your voice when you say bad robot? and what type of servo used, I congratulate a great project!</p>
<p>I used the Geeetech voice recognition module and this chassis will fit any common 9g mini micro servos. Thanks! </p>
<p>Curious about the speech, what did you use to generate it? </p>
I used an MP3 shield and loaded pre recorded speech snippets to an sd card and then just accessed each one based on results from the api's
<p>Ok, thanks - yes I think that is the go to for low cost speech, was hoping it was some other low cost thing. I have a EMIC 2 in my Hero Jr, and just started messing with MP3 players recently. I should have skipped over the EMIC 2 and went with MP3 years ago I think :-) Thanks again, I have this project in my list of things to build</p>
<p>Yeah actually finding an inexpensive way to generate voice was the hardest part of this project. I used the mp3 elechouse shield I think and it took me a while to figure out how to play a specific track. If you decide to go this route I can send you the code I used. </p>
<p>I used the Seeed Studio MP3 v1 shield - and a Catalex MP3 device, between the two I prefer the slightly older seeed studio shield, it lets you play by file name. But only supports the old 8x3 file names (no long names) Still it's much better than trying to figure out when/where the files are in the directory tree, which is how the Catalex player works. It looks like the player you have may work the same, so I'd love to know what you did. I'll PM you with and we can talk about it off the forum.</p>
<p>Great project</p>
Can you provide the chassis parts? What site I can order them?
<p>As of right now you can't order the chassis parts because they cost about $1000 from a 3d printing service, so its cheaper to just buy a 3d printer for like $300 and print them yourself. </p>
<p>What is the print size of your 3D printer in mm?</p>
<p>I actually don't know, I'm not going to be home until Monday but I will find out what the biggest piece is in mm so you can figure out what 3D printers will work. </p>
<p>Also can you tell me what microns does your 3d printer has.</p>
<p>Would I be correct in saying that, the parts and/or robot dimensions/looks themselves are not important? As long as the arduino components fit, most any robot should work. Following the basic needs that the code requires to run &quot;whatever&quot; and as long as the code can access said &quot;whatever&quot; it should be all good. &quot;YES&quot; or &quot;YES&quot; (yea, I know what I wrote).</p>
Can I buy one off you? Like the whole parts and the chassis plus shipping?
What is the android talk with your robot for?

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