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Here's my Mummy!
My intention was to make a string doll... but I had some wire and I couldn't resist to make an articulated mummy.

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To make the head I took a bead where I knotted the string. Then I started to wrap the string around it adding from time to time a few drops of white glue to avoid it from unwrapping. Once I had the head I glued the eyes on it.

Step 2:

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Once I had the head I glued the eyes on it.

Step 3:

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To make the body I made a wire structure similar to a stickman. I attached the head on the top of the structure with hot glue.

To make the rest of the body I glued the wire and I wrapped the string around it.

Step 4:

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The arms were a bit different though. First I placed the string along the glued wire and then I wrapped the whole thing as usual.

Some parts need double or triple wrapping, such as the tummy.

Step 5:

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To make de hands you need to wrap several times.

Step 6:

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The feet are of great importance because they allow the mummy to stand without falling. So, you'll need to make several layers of wrapping and you'll need to make sure that they are completely flat on the bottom.


SophiesFoodieFiles (author)2015-11-21

This is so cool! :) Waw!

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