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Simple Wired  Robot Manual tethered by the control wired,wire 4x2 or 4x4 ! dc gear motor 300rpm-1000rpm 4x4,robot mod,robot wars fight !If you want to make a robot at your home, let me tell you this. There are basically five types of robots they are:-
1.LEVEL ONE ROBOT (wired robot with 2 dpdt switch).
2.LEVEL TWO ROBOT (Wireless robot with button control).
3.LEVEL THREE ROBOT (Wireless autonomous/programmed robot).
4.LEVEL  FOUR ROBOT(solar cell and panel 12v )
5.LEVEL  FIVE ROBOT(robot war fight)
6.LEVEL  SIX   ROBOT (Mobile control robot) by Me
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Step 1: Tools & Components

Picture of Tools & Components
This is a primer project which covers following concepts-

    1.Power Supply.or 12v battery
    2.DPDT switch operation.
    3.DC Geared Motors
    4.Basic  motion of Robot

There are following tools are required for this project-

    1.Soldering iron
    2.Hack saw/ blade
    3.Screw drivers
    6.Wire stripper

There are following components are required for this project-

    Battery (12 volt , 4.5 Ah) -                        1 nos.
    DPDT Switch-                                            2nos. or 4 nos robot gripper
    Ribbon wire strip-                                     3 meters+
    DC Geared Motors                                   4nos 4x4 or 2 nos 4x2
    Chassis(having holes for motor) -        1
    box                                                               1
    Metal strip                                                   12
    Wheels                                                        4  nos.
    Castor wheel                                             1nos(4x2)
    Soldering wire -                                         as required

Step 2: Procedure & chassis robot

Picture of Procedure & chassis robot

Before you start making your robot you need a paper plan. Measure length of the motor (excluding shaft), diameter of shaft of the motor, inner hole diameter of the motor. Draw a rough sketch of the base you need to cut keeping in mind the placement of motors and wheels.

Chassis is a mechanical assembly for making a 4 wheel drive platform.Where you can mount any controller board to drive your bot. This is just the mechanical chassis, Optionally as shown in the figure you can use 4 DC geared motors, 1 castor and 4 wheels with rubber rings so you can make both variants .

Step 3: Mechanical Assembly

Picture of Mechanical Assembly

Fit the caster wheel at position show in above diagram with 1.5-2 inches (approx.) screw. Fit the dc motor into the holes of chassis and couple the wheel by using screw or rubber tube.

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dath10 days ago

can i use li-po battey instead of lead acid one??

UCanCallMe216 days ago
i have made chassis for my robot which is around 4kg.which motor would suitable for it?
NithyaN13 months ago

i will prefer 250 rpm motor not 300 so that the robo could climb on the slopes. more the rpm, less the thrust (important to climb on slope and push back the opponents ) :)))))

which rpm motor is bbest for robowar

i would preffer lo rpm motor (100 or 150 rpm) bcs it gives nice thrust. the robo wil be slow but it will push back athers :)))

300 rpm it would fast !
100rpm slow

60rpm very slow !

amey1232 months ago

i have made chassis for my robot which is around 15-20kg.which motor would suitable for it?

would 900rpm dc geared motor be suitable!!!!!!

for roborace is 300 rpm sufficient or would there be a problem in using a higher one

kush.u.gadhvi3 months ago

i have made this robot now i want to modifies this by adding claw in it so it can pick up the things please help me with this

antelero4 months ago


can anyone help my level 1 robo car is not working properly now but it was working fine when i made it..the problem is that when i press right or left switch individually it works fine but when i press them both to go forward it stop i mean it will go few milimeters and then stop for a sec and then again go few milimeter and again stop like that... can anyone tell what is the problem

avdhoot i wanna make a similar robot ...can u suggest me wch motors to use n stuff related to that..?

300 rpm it would fast

nrmhsri10 months ago

how to give connections for dpdt switch can any one help me..............

how many dpdt switches we need yo make level one robot

2 dpdt switches

Where can I buy all these components.... I live in west delhi..

just contact us at +918128983811 for any electronics components or free technical help regarding robotics

Where can i get dc gear motors ?

Plz reply

akshay.aky.505 months ago

DC Geared Motors 4nos 4x4 or 2 nos 4x2

what are these specifications and what is the RPM required....

Avadhut.Deshmukh (author)  akshay.aky.505 months ago

4x4-wheel Robotic chassis is designed for indoor and outdoor operation requiring higher ground clearance and faster maneuverability.

Revolutions per minute (abbreviated rpm, RPM, rev/min, r/min, or r. min−1) is a measure of the frequency of a rotation. It annotates the number of turns completed in one minute around a fixed axis. It is used as a measure of rotational speed of a mechanical component.
speed 300rpm to 1000rpm

which motor is for robo race??

12v Dc Gerard motor 300 to 1000 rpm ...

hey, how to make a wired pick and place robot manual using servo motor,, ??

pratham dighe7 months ago

are you living in sangamner?

Avadhut.Deshmukh (author)  pratham dighe6 months ago

no .. im live in satara !

SarvagnyaP7 months ago
SarvagnyaP7 months ago
shubhoooo1 year ago
thats great man.....
Avadhut.Deshmukh (author)  shubhoooo8 months ago

Thanks !

sir ..please help me , i am making a four wheeled robot , whose weight is 5.5kg ...please help me to choose motors of- how much torrque , and rpm .....we are making it for robowar..pls pls help

Avadhut.Deshmukh (author)  Chirag Sehgal8 months ago
nrmhsri10 months ago

how to fit castor wheel in wired rc car

what is the use castor wheel

any one help me plz................

mani vikku10 months ago



geared motor che price kiti hote, ani kuthoon anli,?


only bro...

whoohoo1 year ago
Thanks a lot! I was searching for this for a long time
simmarkalsi2 years ago
have u taken this chassy from vega robo
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