This instructable is for a Wireless Air Horn. The air horn is a standard 12vdc car air horn and is powered with an 18V cordless drill battery. The air horn is wireless, this is made possible by a wireless winch receiver with a remote control also running on 12vdc. A relay is neccesary so that the fuse on the winch receiver doesn't blow.

All of these components are contained in a medium sized plastic toolbox.

Follow these instructions to make this ear piercing, startling horn, for sporting events or anything you desire.


1.       12v Air horn ( any standard car air horn will work)

2.       12v 30 amp automotive relay

3.       Plastic tool box or any box that is suitable of holding everything in a confined area.

4.       12-18v cordless drill battery

5.       Wireless winch remote controller

6.       Plenty of wire

7.       Wire nuts

8.       Electrical tape

9.       ¼” wire  quick disconnects

10.    Variety of nuts and bolts

11.    Velcro

12.    Cable ties

• Drill and drill bits
• Wire strippers
• Multi meter
• Soldering iron (optional)
• Adjustable wrench
• Mini clamp
• Screwdriver




Step 1: Wire and Mount Horns and Compressor

Using 1/4" female quick connects connect a white wire to the positive end on the compressor and a black wire to the negative end. It should be marked + and - on the bottom.

Drill holes to mount the two horns and compressor using a 1/4" drill bit. Drill two additional holes for the tubing for the horn air supply. Feed the tubing through the holes and attach the two horns to the compressor using the Y extender that is supplied. Using the bolts supplied with the horn kit mount the compressor inside the box and the two horns outside the toolbox, making sure that the lid can close.
The relay increases current in the circuit. which is a necessity in an air horn circuit due to the fact that the air compressor requires a large amount of current to work properly. if you would like to you could definitely do it but it will probably sound like crap. i have a dixie air horn that i had installed in my 1997 pontiac bonneville and it made a huge difference.
What's the purpose of the relay in this design ?
I followed your instructions and all, my question is do you have to use the 12-18 volt battery is it recommended because I am using a craftsman 19.2 volt battery the batteries are nearly 9 years old and Idk if its because they were old and just blew or if its because of the battery voltage I'm using?
awesome instructable friend :) if only i could afford the parts for it
Hmm .. a couple of theses hidden around town during a zombie apocalypse could be useful as distractions.
Hee hee... If there was a &quot;Made from Harbor Freight&quot; contest too... :-D <br> <br>You could've also made the horns detachable and hid them inside the toolbox for transport.
Nice Job - I was going to vote for this in the make to learn contest but can't find it. If you add it I will vote. :-)

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