Step 13: Resources

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fooons2 years ago
Hi Alexdlp,
First of all very good job. I want to use your magnific work on my bycicle, but at the moment links are not working and give me a 440 server error. I would like to test it and if I can do some mods for a bigger screen. Could you put links back please.
Thanks and best regards
jimsims3 years ago
Alex, This is , a great project. I am modifying it to display speed, distance, and time ridden on the LCD without XBee. One question is: why use analog input to sense reed switch instead of a digital input? thanks
Alexdlp (author)  jimsims3 years ago
Hey, pleased that you liked it! It would perhaps make more sense to use a digital input - it's just I had difficulty getting the pin to register a HIGH value for some reason. Although I couldn't actually get to see inside the sensor casing, i'm pretty sure it's just a reed switch so.. yeah try and use a digital input :)
francisroan3 years ago
wen i compiled the stuff the ide showed a few errors like lcd bargraph lbg(&lcd......
Alexdlp (author)  francisroan3 years ago
Make sure you have all of the libraries installed - it's not enough just to run the code. The error that you have is likely to be because you don't have the lcd bar graph library installed correctly. Apologies in advance if this is not the case but I have checked the code and it runs fine every time for me. :)
francisroan3 years ago
could ya check the code again there are a lot of errors wen i compiled it!!!