Picture of Wireless BlueTooth Headphone Ear Muffs!
Yes, they may seem like normal ear muffs. But these muffs are actually music-making ear socks of awesomeness.

Some background:
I love my ear muffs (180s's). For some weird reason, I hate having my ears exposed to the air (specifically cold air) and I tend to wear my ear muffs pretty much all the time (minus summer).
I like listening to music wherever I go, but I've always had trouble managing wired headphones - they always get scrambled up in my pockets. I bought some bluetooth headphones (motorola s9) on ebay a while ago, and they've served me well for many years. However, I've always had a problem managing headphones with ear muffs at the same time.

So I had a spark of innovation and decided to merge them together. Behold, wireless bluetooth headphone ear muffs.
Super easy to do, took a couple of hours.

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Step 1: Annihilating the Headset

Picture of Annihilating the Headset
So about 4 years ago I bought a motorola S9 wireless bluetooth headset from Ebay (about 15 bucks). I picked these specifically because I was a palm user at the time and these were some of the only wireless sets that were compatible with my phone/palm.

Battery life was ok for me, no problems with connecting - they were perfect.
And then I wrecked it apart.

I unscrewed the base open to detach the ear "arms" and used a dremel (small rotary saw) to slice them off. I decided later to keep the base intact because it protected the circuit nicely and the on/off button and usb charging locations were convenient. 

Step 2: Amping up the Speakers

Picture of Amping up the Speakers
One of the problems with the S9's were the speakers. They were a little too low even with max volume and I figured if I was going to stick them in muffs I needed bigger decibels.

No science necessary. I looked through my drawers and found the pair of headphones that gave me the best and loudest sound out of the many I've collected over the years (store-bought/phone sets/airplanes/etc).
Popped out the speakers and re-soldered them in exchange of the headset's. Cut some covers from another pair, and black taped it all together.
Everlong8 months ago

Sweet! That's my weekend project sorted! Thanks :)

Dana LaBerge9 months ago

1. It would probably work better with shrink wrap instead of electrical tape.

2. I am a guy. Hence I was born with a genetic disadvantage for sewing.

Stop that please. There's nothing genetically different that makes guys not know how to sew. It's all cultural. Source - I can sew amazing things and am an American dude. Home Ec class was one of my favorites.

jduran-12 years ago
Awesome...I have a pair of wireless headphones that cracked open by accident...I'm totally gonna try this. :)