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It is the cardboard prototype of the Wireless Cat Water Drink Fountain! Have you ever been sick of your cat just annoying the crap out of you because it wants a sip of flowing water from the tap? This is the solution! Now your cat decided when it drinks! The switch can be easily toggled by your cat, whom is hopefully smart enough to learn how to use it!

Cats Love It! The CLI !


xUNMERITEDx (author)2015-11-30

I was thinking making something like this for my ferret; only then with turning music on and off :3

NL de gekste ;D

xUNMERITEDx (author)xUNMERITEDx2015-11-30

You might consider using an small aquarium filter with pump? :)

And maybe switch it with IR distance measurer? (like you have 50% off the time with this urinoirs.. only they switch when you leave; so this should be even easier ^^ )

amberrayh (author)2015-11-23

Nice prototype!

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