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Wireless energy transfer has always fascinating me and I decided to create a very simple kit to demonstrate that principle.  Wireless energy transfer is nothing new - its been around since the time Nikola Tesla proposed and invented it nearly a century ago.  This kit uses the exact same principles Tesla himself invented.  It basically  uses a source high frequency Tesla Coil and an identical high frequency Tesla Coil placed nearby to couple and capture the energy being emitted by the powered Tesla Coil.

This particular design is tailored towards my 4MHz Class-E audio modulated Tesla Coil, but the circuit can be used with any similar Tesla coil, no matter the operating frequency.  Yes, you can always show this principle using a fluorescent light bulb, but I happen to like LEDs, so decided to create a small circuit to power LEDs wirelessly from a distance.

The circuit is very simple and can be built in a very short time with minimal parts.

Our Wireless Energy Demonstration Kit is one of most popular new kits of 2012. It is designed specifically for use with our Class-E line of Plasma Speakers and demonstrates the principles of wireless energy transfer. The receiver resonator is fitted with a specially designed circuit which is capable of the ultra-high speed rectification required to convert the 4Mhz electric field generated by the Class-E Audio Modulator into useable electrical power which powers and illuminates ten (10) onboard white LEDs. Moving the receiver resonator closer or farther away will brighten and dim the LEDs respectively. Tested range of operation shows the LEDs can be illuminated almost 6 feet away from the transmitting coil. Use multiple receiver resonators for added effect. Perfect for the classroom demonstration, or just showing your friends.

Step 1: Features

Here are some of the features of this Wireless Energy Demonstration Kit
  • Uses high voltage, high speed schottky diodes for rectification.  (Operates with coils up to 5MHz+)
  • (12) Ultrabright LEDs
  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Maximum range for this particular design (using Class-E Audio Modulator) is about 6 feet
<p>Make it yourself thanks to inplix page. I think it's the best way to learn how to build it in the cheapest way.</p>
Can someone answer this please ??
Can someone answer this please ??
Hi. Nice effort. I have a question here ? <br><br>Suppose we have 1 transmitting tesla coil and many say three four or five receiving coils tuned to same frequency. Will all 2nd 3rd and 4th coil lit LEDs will be lit as same brightness as the first one ? <br><br>Or will the transmitted energy shall be equally divided among the receiving coils assuming they are exactly identical and placed at same distance from transmitting coil ??
<p>Why you've posted this here? Didn't understand what's mean instructables?</p>

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