I came across these Force Sensitive Resistors. I like them a lot and I wanted to do something with them, may be making them more usesable than standing on the breadboard.

Few months ago, I created the pocket-sized  RevIO - Arduino Compatible and having fun with it since then.
While playing with these two, I decided to put them together!

To complicate things further, I wanted to use them wirelessly. So I added XBee module to send commands wirelessly from RevIO to play different drum sound snippets on the PC speakers.

Above was not the only reason to make me put these four force sensitive resistors onto the RevIO case permanently. I saw that I could used these force sensitive resistors as the controllers, such as robot controller, or radio control car, or anything that required the maximum of four controllers.

This instructable only shows how to use these FSRs to make drum sounds as they are pressed.

Here is the video when I tested them.

Step 1: Parts and Tools


RevIO or any Arduino compatible board
(Note: If you are using any Arduino or compatible. You will need to have some sort of surface to place the force sensitive sensors on)

XBee breakout board or similar (I used my xB-Buddy kit in this project)
4 nos. Force Sensitive Resistors
4 nos. 10K Resistors
30 AWG Wire Wrap
4 nos. Small Bumpers
2 nos. 4-pin Break Away Male Headers Machine Pin
2 nos. 4-pin Break Away Female Headers Machine Pin


The tools that I used in this project are:
Hand drill
Solder iron and Solder station
Hookup Wire
Diagonal Cutter
X-Acto Knife
Wire Stripper
Many thanks for this 'ible. <br> <br>Been knocking around the idea of a midi/arduino Ocarina similar to the one on the iPhone but self contained. This helps me a lot, I hadn't considered using FSR's that will allow a level of pressure or &quot;hole coverage&quot; to be achieved. <br> <br>Cheers!
I'm glad this help. :) <br>And thanks for you appreciation. <br>
Why is this not featured ? <br>This is a great idea and the instructions are an excellent contribution to the website.
petrolhead, <br> <br>Thanks for your appreciation in my instructables. And make your voice to instructables.com for me. <br> <br>I am not worry about my instructables would get featured or not. Instructables may look at my project different than yours. That's why it did get featured. <br> <br>I would like to give you the gift of 3 months Instructables Pro membership in return to your apprecation of my project. Check your Instructables's mailbox for the redeem code. <br> <br>Thanks <br>

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