Step 4: Finished Up

This step would be finishing up on the outside.

Trace the FSRs shape and transfer to double-sided foam tape, and cut them out to shape.

Remove one side of the protective plastic from the cutout foam tape.

Stick the cutout foam tape to the case, underneath the FSR.

Remove the protective plastic from the foam tape. And press the FSR to the foam tape. (See picture 3)

Repeat the above steps for the rest of the FSR.

Stick the bumpers to the four corners of the case. These bumpers protecting FSRs from touching the surface.

And it's done! Hardware is ready!

Many thanks for this 'ible. <br> <br>Been knocking around the idea of a midi/arduino Ocarina similar to the one on the iPhone but self contained. This helps me a lot, I hadn't considered using FSR's that will allow a level of pressure or &quot;hole coverage&quot; to be achieved. <br> <br>Cheers!
I'm glad this help. :) <br>And thanks for you appreciation. <br>
Why is this not featured ? <br>This is a great idea and the instructions are an excellent contribution to the website.
petrolhead, <br> <br>Thanks for your appreciation in my instructables. And make your voice to instructables.com for me. <br> <br>I am not worry about my instructables would get featured or not. Instructables may look at my project different than yours. That's why it did get featured. <br> <br>I would like to give you the gift of 3 months Instructables Pro membership in return to your apprecation of my project. Check your Instructables's mailbox for the redeem code. <br> <br>Thanks <br>

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