Wireless Guitar Audio Transmitter / Tool Kit





Introduction: Wireless Guitar Audio Transmitter / Tool Kit

Works great considering it all costs around 10 dollars to make.
Range  up to 15ft

Step 1: Materials List

Materials List
 - Wireless FM Transmitter
 - (x2) 6.5mm Male to 3.5mm Female Audio Jack Adapters
 - Double Male Audio Extension
 - MP3 / FM Radio with Audio-Out Jack (Mines a Sansa)
 - Electrical Tape
 - Double Sided Tape
 - Scissors

 Optional Items
 - Small Binder Clip
 - Guitar Picks
 - Guitar Capo

Step 2: In-Depth How-To Build

Leave a comment and tell me what you think. If you liked the idea but did something different please let me know, I like to learn :)

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All feedback is greatly appreciated. Leave a "thumbs down" if that's what you think. I enjoy constructive criticism but please leave a comment explaining why so I can learn from building flaws.



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    where do u get the wireless FM transmitter?

    Wal-mart or other box/chain stores usually sell them relatively cheap. I got one for about $15



    I have used a Fm trasmitter like that and its rage is very limited mine got about 3 meters range, you can extend its range by opening it and solder a longer wire as antenna so you can double increease your range.

    cool but i don't have a wireless receiver.. whats the best option?

    This would be better presented as a video, as it is mostly in the video.
    Nice job.


    Thanks, I've been busy so I haven't been able to revise this.

    thats genius. props bro.