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I have a pair of Sennheiser TR120 wireless headphones (I've had them a good few years, I think they're called RS120 now) and when there's no signal for 3 minutes, the transmitter cuts off and you get a horrible white noise static through the headphones.. Frequently, I'll fall asleep listening to music and when the music ends, three minutes later I get a blast of white noise.. Not cool..

So I've written a little AppleScript/Automator app that plays a system sound after 150 seconds so the transmitter doesn't cut off. I've also put in a little conditional testing so it won't play the sound if iTunes is playing. It's my first dabble with AppleScript/Automator so it's super simple to set up.

If you've got a similar set up, this should help..

Step 1: Fire up Automator

To start, open up Automator (cmd+space for Spotlight, then type "Automator" or click on the app in your Applications folder)

A dialogue box appears asking which template to use, choose "Application".

In the "Actions" library click "Utilities" and choose "Run AppleScript" (or type "run a" in the search box and it'll show up)

Drag "Run AppleScript" on to the right panel, you should see a box with:

"on run {input, parameters}
(* Your script goes here *)
return input
end run"

Select all the code in that box and replace it with:

on run {}
tell application "iTunes"
if player state is paused or player state is stopped then
do shell script "/bin/bash"
do shell script "afplay /System/Library/Sounds/Submarine.aiff"
end if
end tell
end run

The code should be pretty self explanatory, the list of system sounds available are:


You can use any of these instead of "Submarine", I've chosen it because it's fairly inoffensive and not too harsh on the ears. You can also use any sound you want, just make sure the path is correct.

Once that's done, move on to the next panel in the sequence..
<p>It seems to need the line &quot;return input&quot;, otherwise it only runs once and stops. I used Audacity to create a 3-second tone of 15 hertz, then adjusted the frequency and volume until my speakers were triggered when system volume was about 50%. Thanks for the instructions!</p>
<p>The sound doesn't need to be one that's perceptible to human ears. It just needs to be something that sends sound data to the base unit, thereby keeping it awake. Get yourself (or make) a tone of 20 Hz or lower and use this. Keep it short, though, as tones this low (infrasound) have been shown in some experiments to have certain negative psychological effects on people exposed to them for longer periods of time, and edit the sound sample so that it fades in and out smoothly, so there'll be no annoying pop at the beginning and end of it, and enjoy your wireless headphones. </p>
thanks for this cool tip. This has been driving me nuts and at least its sorted on the mac. Now I have to fix it on Windows.
Same problem with rs 125 <br>Do you know a program so I could do this also on my bootcamp partition?
Cool instructable, very informative!<br>

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