Step 3: Deconstruction

Picture of Deconstruction
I already threw all the leftovers out, so no pics of that here, sorry

Seeing as this extinguisher was empty and not pressurized, I didn't need to empty it first. But if I did had to do that, I would just pull the safety and shoot the thing untill no air came out

The fun part was years ago with my nephews assistance, right now all I need to do is unscrew the top and dump out the remaining powder

The top unscrewed easy, by hand. No fatal explosion. For the faint of heart, you could tie the trigger valve open so that there's not even a chance of pressure building up while it sits, but why miss out on the adventure?

After filling with some water and rinsing out the last of the powder, I needed to figure out where to cut this thing
bugmenot54 years ago
 Had there been any pressure inside the extinguisher there is no possible way you could have opened it by hand. For experimental purposes, try doing so with scuba diving equipment.
Shadetree Engineer (author)  bugmenot54 years ago
Uh Ok.  That must be why I emptied the extinguisher!  Though I dimly recall having thoughts of an exploding white cloud of powder shooting into my eyes as being somewhat instructive.

Your proposed experiment I'm assuming, is to attempt unscrewing a fully pressurized scuba tank?  Huh, I remember wanting to do that when I was in high school.  I don't know if it was the A-Team or McGuyver, both of those shows were playing at the time. But they were the inspiration for that scuba tank fascination.

Did you know that a steel scuba tank if cut in half, has a wall thickness of over 3/8ths inch?  It took me a while with my sawzall, but I've done that once.