Picture of Wireless Power Charger!
Wirelessly power your iDevices!

Wow, I'm really surprised at how many views this is getting! Thank you everyone for reading!

I recently made a boost converter (for those unfamiliar with them, they effectively boost the voltage up to a useable amount) to make a USB Ipod charger using 2 AA batteries.

Now that that was done and over, tested tried and true, I decided I wanted to make something a little more snazzy!



Behold, the wireless ipod charger!

Uses all 12 volts of 6 (2 in parallel for each cell) lithium batteries!

Draws under 3 amps all the time!

Perfect for kids parties!

Now in 5 new flavors!

I've searched around on this website, and noticed that almost all of the instructables on here with wireless power seem to lack a proper explanation about how to build one; Or, when they did build one, they used an inefficient method of doing so...

This transmitter works fantastic, and can run on pretty much any voltage above 12 volts, and below 24! It's also extremely efficient (little power lost) and, it generates almost no interference. (one wireless power instructable used a square wave in the primary; Square waves have a lot of harmonics, and can cause havoc on computer systems, radios, and other sensitive electronics)

I've come to solve all of these problems!
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ajha9 made it!9 months ago

hey thanks I MADE IT and won prize also ,I am still working on improving efficiency and range. HEARTLY THANKS TO INSTRUCTABLE.


bro, may i know how did u check whether your transmitter working??

Rrk98 ajha94 months ago
Can u please tell me which type and the gauge no of wire u have used
Orngrimm ajha97 months ago

Congrats to this success! :)

Please let us know what you changed in your optimising and what the performance-change was.

GofishRC0073 years ago
Hey this is a great Ible! But I cannot read this section. BTW these are the Resistors in the sender schematic.
You gotta click on the little [i] and then the link to the original image link:


It's 18k and 18k on the top side, and 12k and 12k on the bottom side ;-)
speart120 days ago

Can I use the powermat receivers like they have at starbucks instead of building it? You can get those for free from the powermat website and saves building that part myself. Will the transmitter work for those?

what use is this comment section if u dnt reply...

why do we require such a high frequency of operation? and what is the diameter of the turns of primary and secondary transmitter?

how will the mosfets get triggered?and what is the operating frequency?and y do we need a high frequency of operation?

amar9991 month ago

bro, can drop me an email ? i want to ask about the project

AakashS61 month ago
AakashS61 month ago
Greatlightt11 months ago

i made it and its working.....i got 9v without using the 7805...i just wish i can increase the range of transmission

Can you explain making coil?
I cannot do this.
Please Can you tell me Radius and Turn of coil.'?
Thanks you

Hi, can u help me to troubleshoot my circuit.

ok whats the issue

Hi, my circuit is not working, i have used 2.2uf capacitor mkp similar type. I dont have cro to troubleshoot.

does not it generate emp that harmful to electronics
mnowak71 year ago

I dont know why but i cant get it to work. the first Mosfet gets just hot and I dont even get anything to the master coils : /

Hello bro..how did u overcome this problem u faced??
vlad.fara.12 months ago

Hello! :) I wanted to ask(I am new to coils) if the 3+3 turn coil is like 6 turns but in the middle a stripped bit, or a 3 turn coil with a stripped bit in the middle? (as it is a bit unclear in the pictures.. perhaps you can even add this to the coil step :D ) Thanks in advance :D

cjena7862 months ago
How this project makeing for long distance working
SURYANN3 months ago
WaliW3 months ago

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LancelotK3 months ago

does the transmitter have AC to DC converter and DC to AC inverter? what are the uses for MOSFET and ZENER diode? why use ZENER diode instead of ultrafast diode?

zaryabbbb3 months ago

can i buy the kit ??? can anybody please tell me its price please

xander005 made it!3 months ago

Hey Guys, I made it! I finally made it, thank you for your information and all the help, i used this for my college project!!


BinyaminK4 months ago

Where is the ferrite toroid in this schematic? Also, where does the second ultra-fast diode go? It's not in the schematic. Lastly, do we need the filter cap or is it not really necessary?

Bodo15 months ago

Hello can you give me the steps of the circuit and the value of the components thanks

lovatatic_5 months ago
can you please give me the steps to make this , I'm lost
Hey, whats the range you achieved? Cause my circuit works but the efficiency drops extremely fast to 0% at a distance of 4 inches or so. Do you know what I could have done wrong?

One drawback to wireless chargers is that they don't achieve great distances. I'm not sure what the maximum distance is for this project, but 4 inches sounds about right.

Great project!Thumbs Up! :)

CatalinM17 months ago

I have just made this circuit and I ran into a problem.When I connected the circuit to the power supply the wires melted. Any ideea on why that happend?

uday.sring8 months ago

how can i simulate wireless power circuit please help me ..............

uday.sring8 months ago

how can in simulate the circuit of transmitter and receiving circuit

AlexanderH39 months ago

about how much does this cost to make total?

Greatlightt10 months ago

a vital information is missing from this project...WHAT IS THE INDUCTANCE VALUE OF THE 3 X 3 CENTER TAP COIL....

you said the coil oscillates at 50khz

Hey,can this charger will work for other phone
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