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The receiving end is less complex. Make sure you use the same capacitor value, as well as following the USB pinout as I have written in the schematic.

You can try and experiment with different turns ratio's of the coils and see what kind of performances you get! This has to do with resonance, and step-up / step-down ratios.

Try adding more voltage, and see if you get more distance; another way of possibly increasing distance is to increase the resonant frequency a bit. Increasing the frequency should give you more distance, with additional current draw.

To increase the frequency, just lower the capacitor values. Personally, the lowest I'd go would be around 1 uF. Make sure when you lower the cap value, you do it for both the receiving, and the transmitting ends!

Also, remember, the idea does not have to apply only to USB. I've noticed that due to resonant rise, the filter capacitor charges to the peak of the output sine wave....

At 12 volts into the transmitter, I was getting around 24 volts at the receiver end! (this isn't the effective voltage however; once you put a load on it, it drops a bit) At 15 volts in, I was getting 35 volts on the receiver! (wow, that's quite a bit of a jump, huh?)

This means that you should be able to power other things as well. Use whatever your mind comes to!
GofishRC0073 years ago
Hey this is a great Ible! But I cannot read this section. BTW these are the Resistors in the sender schematic.
You gotta click on the little [i] and then the link to the original image link:


It's 18k and 18k on the top side, and 12k and 12k on the bottom side ;-)
rvan ham1 year ago

Looks simple and smart.

Gone make this for charge my divinglight.

what was the voltage on load , will it be necessary for a boost converter
im going to try to make a smaller more efficient version just was wondering, im gonna try to get away with using a single irfp 450
why do you connect to the information ports why not just the power
p.sjain513 years ago
Is that a normal electrolytic capacitor between the rectifier and 7805 or some special one???????????
Inducktion (author)  p.sjain513 years ago
It's just a regular electrolytic. Between the coil and rectifier is a non-polarized capacitor. It must be MKP or something similar.