Picture of Wireless LEGO Race Car Redux
The original Wireless Lego Race Car was built with the hacked motor and gearbox with axle that I took out from small toy R/C car, and modified LEGO Plates to be used as a servo mount.
Later on I designed new three new hardwares to be used with custom design LEGO vehicles or robots:
So, I no longer have to hack or modify anything any more. Now it is a lot more convenient, when I have a new custom design LEGO vehicle or robot to build, I just order the 3D printed motor housing and servo mount (since I do not own a 3D Printer!) 

Even though this was a "redux" or a rebuild of Wireless Lego Race Car, there are some changes on the parts. But the shape of the car is still the same.
I am going to show you how to build this car step by step all over again just like we tear the model apart and rebuild it.

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www1392 years ago
where did you get the motor and controller? I didn't know they made those pieces!
sath02 (author)  www1392 years ago
I got the motor from e-bay.

For the Palm Arduino Plus (DIY Arduino with motor controller on the PCB) is the prototype that I designed specifically to use with LEGO components.
I got it made from third party fabricator (OSH Park, http://oshpark.com.) the EagleCAD files provided at Palm Arduino Plus here, http://www.instructables.com/id/Palm-Arduino-Plus/.

By the way, I have some extra motors that I can sell to you. Sent me Private Message.

hawk452 years ago
Ok I like knex better than leogs but this is awesome!
sath02 (author)  hawk452 years ago
I have never tried K'NEX yet! But I am going to try it someday.
Thanks. :)
S.Korea2 years ago
Hmmmmmm, how much does it cost???
sath02 (author)  S.Korea2 years ago
This is my rough estimate:
LEGO components, based on LEGO's Pick-A-Brick shop (http://shop.lego.com/en-US/Pick-A-Brick-ByTheme) and BrickLink.com (http://www.bricklink.com).
The components are also mixed between the used and new from both places, and the price is for USA only. You might get it cheaper in other country.
I got it around US$ 27.00.

9g Micro servo is around US$ 6.00
2mm Shaft Adapter is US$ 3.00 from Pololu.
9V 24mm Motor is around US$ 2.00 from ebay.

3D printed servo mount is around US$ 6.00 from Shapeway.
3D printed motor housing is around US$16.00 from Shapeway.

You will also need Arduino, some where from US$5 to 25, depend on whether you are doing it yourself or you are buying the ready made.

And you will need wireless module, either Bluetooth, XBee module, or RX-XV Wifly module.
Bluetooth is from US$ 5.00 from ebay to $40.00 brand-name buletooth.
XBee modules (you probably need two, and it is around US$ 26.00 each.
If you use RN-XV WiFLY module it is around US$ 35.00.

All the price quoted above are not included Shipping and Handling.

Hope this answer your question!

CJR21152 years ago
sath02 (author)  CJR21152 years ago
BABLOON14242 years ago
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WWC2 years ago
Very nice.
sath02 (author)  WWC2 years ago