The original Wireless Lego Race Car was built with the hacked motor and gearbox with axle that I took out from small toy R/C car, and modified LEGO Plates to be used as a servo mount.
Later on I designed new three new hardwares to be used with custom design LEGO vehicles or robots:
So, I no longer have to hack or modify anything any more. Now it is a lot more convenient, when I have a new custom design LEGO vehicle or robot to build, I just order the 3D printed motor housing and servo mount (since I do not own a 3D Printer!) 

Even though this was a "redux" or a rebuild of Wireless Lego Race Car, there are some changes on the parts. But the shape of the car is still the same.
I am going to show you how to build this car step by step all over again just like we tear the model apart and rebuild it.

LEGO®, TECHNIC, are property of The LEGO Group of Companies (http://www.lego.com), which does not sponsor, own, authorize or endorse this creation.

Step 1: Parts & Tools

Following is the list of Lego Technic parts that I used for building this Wireless Lego Race Car Redux.

If you want to do this project you could use the differenct color for the car.

Note: The number in the bracket is the Lego's Design ID.

Lego Components

2 nos. - 1x16 Technic Brick (#3703), Red Color
2 nos. - 1x12 Technic Brick (#3895), Red Color
2 nos. - 1x10 Technic Brick (#2730), Red Color
6 nos. - 1x8 Technic Brick (#3702), Red Color
5 nos. - 1x6 Technic Brick (#3894), Red Color
2 nos. - 1x4 Technic Brick (#3701), Red Color
6 nos. - 1x2 Technic Brick (#3700), Red Color
2 nos. - 1x2 Technic Brick (#3700), White Color
1 no.   - 1X2 Technic Brick with 2 holes Ø4,87 (#32000), White Color (Not shown in the photo)
2 nos. - 1x1 Angular Bricks (#4070)

3 nos. - 2x8 Technic Plate (#3738), Red Color
2 nos  - 2x6 Technic Plate  (#32001), Red Color

2 nos. - 1x10 Plate (#4477), White Color
2 nos. - 1x8 Plate (#3460), White Color
9 nos. - 1x6 Plate (#3666), White Color
2 nos. - 1x4 Plate (#3710), White Color
4 nos. - 1x2 Plate (#3023), White Color
4 nos. - 1x1 Plate (#30008), Yellow Transparent
2 nos. - 1x2x2 Corner Plate (#2420), Red Color
1 no. - 1x4 Flat Tile (#2431)

10 nos. - Connector Peg with Friction (#2780)

4 nos. - Connector Peg 3M (#32556)
2 nos. - Connector Peg with Knob (#4274), Grey Color
4 nos. - Connector Peg/Cross Axle (#6562)
2 nos. -  Connector Peg (#3673)  or 1 1/2 Connector Peg (#32002)

1 no.   - Cross Axle 12M (#3708), Black Color
3 nos. - Cross Axle 6M  (#3706), Black Color
1 no.   - Cross Axle 2M with Groove (#32062), Black Color
1 no.  - Cross Axle 3L with Stud (#6587)

10 nos. - Bush for Cross Axle (#6590)

2 nos. - Lift arm 1x2 thin (#41677), Red Color
2 nos. - Lift arm 3x3 (#32249), Red Color

1 no. - Panel Fairing #5 (#32527), Red Color
1 no. - Panel Fairing #6 (#32528), Red Color

2 nos. - Slanted Brick1x6  (#2744), Red Color

Steering Kit and Gear Kit

1 no. - Steering Gear Holder (#2790)
1 no. - Steering Rack (#2791)
1 no. - Steering Rack Top (#2792)
1 no. - Steering Rack Bracket 1x 8 Plate (#4262)
1 no. - Steering Arm Drop Link (#4261)

2 nos. - 8-Tooth Gear (#3647)
1 no.   - 24-Tooth Crown Gear Type III (#3650)

Wheels and Rims
2 no. - Tire size 30.4 x 14 VR (#6578)
2 no. - Rim, Wheel size 30.4 x 14 VR (#2994)

2 no. - Tire size 43.2 x 22 ZR (#44309)
2 no. - Reinforced Rim with no pin holes 30.4mm D x 20 mm (#56145)

Rear Wing Flap
1 no. - Panel Fairing #5 (#32527)
1 no. - Panel Fairing #6 (#32528)
2 nos. - Lift arm 3x3 (#32249)
2 nos. - Lift arm 1x2 thin (#41677)

Servo horn glued to LEGO Cross Axle 3L with Stud (#6587)
9g Micro Servo (Tower Pro SG92R, or T Pro SG90)
3D Printed Servo Mount
(NOTE: The STL file for the servo mount (V01) is available for download here, for latest version (V06) that I used with this Wireless R/C Race you can view the model or have it made at Shapeways, here.)

2mm Shaft Adapter for Lego Wheels (Pololu part #1001)
(or Modified Connector Peg/Cross Axle (#6562) to fit the shaft of DC toy motor.)
24mm diameter, 9V Motor
3D Printed Motor Housing
(NOTE: The STL file for this motor is available for download here, or in case if you do not have a 3D printer, you can view the model or have it made at Shapeways, here.)

Arduino and Motor Controller IC
Arduino or Arduino compatible (I used Palm Arduino Plus in this project.)
L293D (or SN754410) motors driver IC

Wireless Radios
Palm Arduino Plus has three options of wireless radio modules, 

XBee module, RN-XV WiFly module, and Bluetooth module.

RN-XV WiFly module
Xbee breakout board (for RN-XV WiFly module, I used XB-Buddy Basic Kit, Jameco's Part no. 2163680)

Super Glue
Sand paper
where did you get the motor and controller? I didn't know they made those pieces!
I got the motor from e-bay. <br> <br>For the Palm Arduino Plus (DIY Arduino with motor controller on the PCB) is the prototype that I designed specifically to use with LEGO components. <br>I got it made from third party fabricator (OSH Park, http://oshpark.com.) the EagleCAD files provided at Palm Arduino Plus here, https://www.instructables.com/id/Palm-Arduino-Plus/. <br> <br>By the way, I have some extra motors that I can sell to you. Sent me Private Message. <br> <br>
Ok I like knex better than leogs but this is awesome! <br>
I have never tried K'NEX yet! But I am going to try it someday. <br>Thanks. :) <br>
Hmmmmmm, how much does it cost???
This is my rough estimate: <br>LEGO components, based on LEGO's Pick-A-Brick shop (http://shop.lego.com/en-US/Pick-A-Brick-ByTheme) and BrickLink.com (http://www.bricklink.com). <br>The components are also mixed between the used and new from both places, and the price is for USA only. You might get it cheaper in other country. <br>I got it around US$ 27.00. <br> <br>9g Micro servo is around US$ 6.00 <br>2mm Shaft Adapter is US$ 3.00 from Pololu. <br>9V 24mm Motor is around US$ 2.00 from ebay. <br> <br>3D printed servo mount is around US$ 6.00 from Shapeway. <br>3D printed motor housing is around US$16.00 from Shapeway. <br> <br>You will also need Arduino, some where from US$5 to 25, depend on whether you are doing it yourself or you are buying the ready made. <br> <br>And you will need wireless module, either Bluetooth, XBee module, or RX-XV Wifly module. <br>Bluetooth is from US$ 5.00 from ebay to $40.00 brand-name buletooth. <br>XBee modules (you probably need two, and it is around US$ 26.00 each. <br>If you use RN-XV WiFLY module it is around US$ 35.00. <br> <br>All the price quoted above are not included Shipping and Handling. <br> <br>Hope this answer your question! <br> <br> <br> <br>
It's very gshushsgxtsnu and it makes me feel shsbsysjs
Very nice. <br>

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