Picture of Wireless PVC badminton volleyball net
My kids received a badminton set from their grandmother last summer which we have enjoyed immensely and play it often especially as an after dinner family game.  The problem is that it is cumbersome to set up and take down for mowing the grass and the kids keep tripping over the guy wires when running through the yard, especially after dark.  I decided to make a PVC net holder that didn't use guy wires to hold it up.
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Step 1:

Picture of
Here is the net set up as it was designed.  It uses two 3-section metal poles that are starting to rust with guy wires on either end to hold them up.  I replaced the cheap strings and plastic stakes with heavier duty nylon cord and metal tent stakes but it was still a pain to set up and take back down.

This is amazing. I'm building one tomorrow. Thank you for sharing.

AnthonyZ22 months ago

Will definitely make this. Any way I can do this on asphalt? I live in a row of condos and we all share a strip of yard in the back and there are trees and stuff which makes a huge problem for playing badminton...