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Introduction: Wireless Power Transfer (Simple and Fast Way)

I've been searching about this topic for a year to make a simple project. However i found nothing simple. Every project contains hard to find materials and high voltage. I'm trying to make it simpler. I also find a Hungarian site about this project. But i made some changes. Schematic in this site will also help you. http://skory.gylcomp.hu/kapcs/

By the way if you don't have enough knowledge about electronics check this awesome course : http://bit.ly/1Ov1cVB

Step 1: Materials...

Materials required;
(I give capacitors by using codes and values)

-  BD139 Transistor                                    /  1
-  5.1 K resistor (all resistors will work)   /  1
-  220n or 224 Capacitor                           /  1
-  4.7n or 472 Capacitor                            /  2
-  1.5pF or 102 Capacitor                          /  1
-  LED                                                            /  1
-  1N4148 Zener Diode                              /  1
-  Jumper wires
-  Cable for Coil 
-  9V Battery and Clip

Step 2: Making Coils

I made coils which have 7.5 and 4.4 cm diameter. Both work very well.How I don't know about numbers of winding. I use 1.5m cable.
Whatever... We need to make 2 coils, one for receiver and another for transmitter circuit. Receiver circuit need normal coil, no splice.
However the coil which is going to attached to the transmitter circuit is different. It needs a wire which is come out at the middle of the coil. This is the most important part otherwise the circuit may not work. 

Step 3: Making the Transmitter Circuit

It's time to make transmitter circuit. I build this into breadboard but you can easily transfer into the perfboard. It's definitely much more steady.

Step 4: Making the Receiver Circuit

It is much more simpler than the transmitter circuit, so i directly soldered it onto the receiver coil which have 2 outputs.

Step 5: Result

Now when you add 9V to the rails and put the receiver circuit to the top of the transmitter circuit it should light up. If it's not, check your connections and polarity of diode.

Step 6: Few Improvements and Version2 With 10000uF Capacitor

I also made smaller coils and using white led with 10000µF Capacitor. It runs about 3 minutes.There are the results  :)

Step 7: Schematic

There is it ;

Note:I made it simpler this project not belongs to me. Just for entertainment and educational purposes only.



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hey im trying to transfer 60w of power can you help me to understand how to determine the number of turns and the size of the coil needed to do so? thanks


i use solar panel (2W and 9V) instead of 9V battery as its input but why my circuit is not working. can someone help me?

@atakan atamert
can you please explain me the working of this project.

can anyone send the pdf to agrawalkomal47@gmail.com.I am unable to understand working of the circuit

Sir can u please send circuit diagram of above project

We tried this project but when we give tthe supply of 9v battery the bread board is starting melting

I wanted to know how you came up with that value for the capacitor .i.e. 4.7 nF . I want to use 6.8 nF. What difference will it make?

is it possible to make it transfer for little more distance

Plzz wat abt d circuit diagram

Hey Im struggling a lot with this project. Can You please send me details with circuit diagram at priyenshaha@gmail.com

Can u please give me details..! I reslly need it

plz send me the project circuit diagram and pdf plzzzzzzz


thanks man. i think i made this project the same time as you. got it from the same source you did. lol

can you send me the project details with pdf file plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz @rakeshreddy961@gmail.com

This system is working upto how much distance?

the furthest mine went with 9v was 5cm with 50nF capacitor. :)