Picture of Wireless Power Transfer (Simple and Fast Way)
I've been searching about this topic for a year to make a simple project. However i found nothing simple. Every project contains hard to find materials and high voltage. I'm trying to make it simpler. I also find a Hungarian site about this project. But i made some changes. Schematic in this site will also help you. http://skory.gylcomp.hu/kapcs/

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Step 1: Materials...

Picture of Materials...
Materials required;
(I give capacitors by using codes and values)

-  BD139 Transistor                                    /  1
-  5.1 K resistor (all resistors will work)   /  1
-  220n or 224 Capacitor                           /  1
-  4.7n or 472 Capacitor                            /  2
-  1.5pF or 102 Capacitor                          /  1
-  LED                                                            /  1
-  1N4148 Zener Diode                              /  1
-  Jumper wires
-  Cable for Coil 
-  9V Battery and Clip

Step 2: Making Coils

Picture of Making Coils
Ekran Resmi 2013-02-03 13.40.26.png
Ekran Resmi 2013-02-03 13.40.44.png
I made coils which have 7.5 and 4.4 cm diameter. Both work very well.How I don't know about numbers of winding. I use 1.5m cable.
Whatever... We need to make 2 coils, one for receiver and another for transmitter circuit. Receiver circuit need normal coil, no splice.
However the coil which is going to attached to the transmitter circuit is different. It needs a wire which is come out at the middle of the coil. This is the most important part otherwise the circuit may not work. 

Step 3: Making the Transmitter Circuit

It's time to make transmitter circuit. I build this into breadboard but you can easily transfer into the perfboard. It's definitely much more steady.

Step 4: Making the Receiver Circuit

Picture of Making the Receiver Circuit
Ekran Resmi 2013-02-03 13.41.43.png
Ekran Resmi 2013-02-03 13.41.48.png
Ekran Resmi 2013-02-03 13.41.51.png
It is much more simpler than the transmitter circuit, so i directly soldered it onto the receiver coil which have 2 outputs.

Step 5: Result

Picture of Result
Ekran Resmi 2013-02-03 13.41.59.png
Now when you add 9V to the rails and put the receiver circuit to the top of the transmitter circuit it should light up. If it's not, check your connections and polarity of diode.

Step 6: Few improvements and Version2 With 10000uF Capacitor

Picture of Few improvements and Version2 With 10000uF Capacitor
I also made smaller coils and using white led with 10000µF Capacitor. It runs about 3 minutes.There are the results  :)

Step 7: Schematic

Picture of Schematic
There is it ;

Note:I made it simpler this project not belongs to me. Just for entertainment and educational purposes only.
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SiddharthT4 months ago
i want to use this procedure to charge the mobile phone,then what changes i have to make.....
CollinCoil14 months ago

Nice Job! However contrary to your title, this relatively complicated. If you are looking for a really simple wireless power project, check out my instuctable on the matter at: http://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Wireless-Power/ . I think you'll find it easier.

surajgaikawad5 months ago

Sir why you used center tap winding and which oscillator you used in circuit.

surajgaikawad5 months ago

Sir why you used center tap winding and which oscillator you used in circuit.

TanbirA5 months ago

I have completed this construction and the circuit diagram is working perfectly and the maximum distance is 15 cm but the problem is if I try with a repeater than it is not working. Can you explain why??

Also, It is obviously a DC chopper...please correct me if I am wrong.

jeuphatos jr.5 months ago

sir... what to do with the 3rd pin of the primary coil? if I solder it in the middle it seems the coil is shorted.. pls.

HezrinHaze10 months ago
Done. :)
Atakan Atamert (author)  HezrinHaze9 months ago
Well done you done better than me :)

plz send me the project circuit diagram and pdf plzzzzzzz


thanks man. i think i made this project the same time as you. got it from the same source you did. lol

can you send me the project details with pdf file plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz @rakeshreddy961@gmail.com

This system is working upto how much distance?

the furthest mine went with 9v was 5cm with 50nF capacitor. :)

Atakan Atamert (author)  SELVAKUMARM9 months ago
max 10-15 cm
akhil.mithran6 months ago

also i need a circuit diagram for your circuit (not the original one) for my physics project...........it will also be very kind of you if you make theory and all of this, just the way you did with slayers circuit

akhil.mithran6 months ago

Can you pls upload a video of this project.......make it quick plssssss

i made it but some one plz give me a report on it of about 35 pages plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ASAP

odij8 months ago

I have done this project and the LED glows without diode :)
but i want to improving this circuit to charge 3.7 volt Li-Ion battery. Could you help me, what can i to do?
I want to me it like an adaptor wireless. Anyone can give me great idea ^,^

MichaelS208 months ago

what is the output voltage? Need to get 9v. Is this possible?

NAVEENS38 months ago


i have made it but its not working............................

help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

markk211 year ago

what is diameter of the both wires?

Atakan Atamert (author)  markk219 months ago
you can change it but they must be same
anayaka11 months ago

I have done it but its not working

Atakan Atamert (author)  anayaka9 months ago
be sure to double check your connections(exactly transistor) if you done everything correctly it should work well
tejaswiv10 months ago

which type of cable do we need to use for coil

Atakan Atamert (author)  tejaswiv9 months ago
just regular stranded cable
HezrinHaze10 months ago
The diodes on the recieving circuit is not necessary and the capacitor increases the recieving range. :)
kirangowda1 year ago

can i use any type of capacitors??

sr91 year ago

i have done the above project and the LED glows. how can i modify the above circuit so that i can glow a 60W bulb (or even a 15W CFL bulb) half meters away ?? how can i modify the above circuit??

dkols sr91 year ago

I have done the connection as per the circuit diagram.But LED didnt glow.Can u please help me to make the LED glow?....my id is dharshap@gmail.com.....I want to do it as soon as possible....

this circuit is just enable to on the led..it is not give requried voltage to charge battery...

what is the input resistance of the circuit????

how much watt is requried to operate this circuit??

what should i do to increase the output voltage and current of the circuit???

rply me fast.

shrawan981 year ago
am trying out this project for my science project. I I I made the primary and secondary as explained by you but it just don`t work. I did not use diode in my secondary circuit, is it a must.
Can you please help me
Atakan Atamert (author)  shrawan981 year ago
yes you must need to use diode to make electrons flow in one way
shrawan981 year ago
I made the connection ...but LED didn't glow...can u help me?
Atakan Atamert (author) 2 years ago
I'll help you if you have some questions

I made the connection ...but LED didn't glow...can u help me?

Hey guys can you help me? I´m on a hurry I don´t know how to make the three output coil for the transmiter. Could you help me by explaining how? My mail is jsvidal99@gmail.com
Atakan Atamert (author)  svidal21 year ago

Just measure your wire and mark the center of it, strip the insulation and solder another piece of wire then start winding your coil.

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