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Haven't you always wanted to charge your cell phone or mp3 by just putting down on your desk. Well one company named Splashpower has created a device that can do that.

It works by using electromagnetic induction. Pretty much only Faraday's Law but with an electromagnet. Also this technique is used in charging high-end toothbrushes and Splashpower Devices.

Step 1: Get the Materials

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You are going to need these things:

1. Lots of wire. I used 18 guage wire.

2. A piece of steel that your going to wrap wire around.

3. A capacitor, one with high capacitance.

4. A diode.

5. Batteries, I used 6 nine volts.

6. A multimeter so you can see if everything works.

7. And something to make it a little easier, Alligator clips.

Step 2: Making the Coils

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To make the Base Coil you wrap wire around the steel piece. I duct taped paper plates to the steel piece to make it easier. The more the coils the better the transfer of electricity.

Then, to make the Reciever Coil I put the non-sticky side on a D Battery and then wraped the wire on the sticky side. Make sure the reciever coil is around the size of the unless the steel piece is huge. Or if you have magnet film to see the where greatest amout of magnetism is. Once you are done winding the coil you can slide the coil off the battery.

Step 3: Putting the Experiment Together

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First connect the Multimeter to the capacitor and on 1 side of the multimeter and the Capacitor put the whit side of the diode. Then, connect the other side of the diode(black side) to the Reciever Coil. If you dont use a diode the electricity would flow back into the Reciever Coil. Next, put the Reciever Coil onto the Base Coil.

Then, connect the positive side of the batteries to either side of the Base Coil. Finally, tap the negative side or use a momentary switch so the electricity switches on and off. I tried using a motor but for some reason it doesn't work, if any one knows why comment. If you continue to tap the electricity and make sure everything is connected the voltage on the multimeter should got up. I got .189 within a second.

Also, watch out you can get shocked.

If you have any other problems look at the main picture and comment.

Step 4: Resonant Charging

Picture of Resonant Charging

There has been talk on the news about a new way to charge wirelessly. Resonant Charging. There is no comercial devices to do this and I am think of homemade ways to do this.

If you have any ideas comment me or send a message.


dragonfrog66 (author)2017-01-31

i have no idea why i think it may work but if you used a strong magnet or electro magnet instead of just steel with copper wiring round it would it be more "wireless"

Fungineers (author)2016-12-05

That is a cool project. I'm wondering how we can get the efficiency up (aren't we all).

TESLA1 (author)2007-11-01

have you ever herd of Tesla he transmitted wireless electricity 10 miles with 99.99% efficiency, over 100 years ago thats better than wires today

ezduzit1974 (author)TESLA12016-11-30

Wrong! It was majorly inefficient and there were many drawbacks but yes he did do it along time ago! (He also knocked out what was the then power grid several times before he got it right. And the proof of concept was that he light up rows upon rows of light bulbs that weren't connected to anything at all!)

twist2b (author)TESLA12009-05-14

1. He WANTED to do that. Power died before he could test that theory 2. His theory was wrong 3. He used a more dangerous approach thats been around for.... ever. It is dangerous to humans due to the using RADIO waves instead of microwaves. Thomas Edison did a little work in this area as well. Not to be mean... but keep facts straight before blearting them out... remember that your expecting people to believe you.

nikropht (author)twist2b2009-08-02

umm Radio waves and Microwaves are the same thing.....
Tesla invented radio and modern AC Technology that we use in our houses today.

Read the Wiki article

"...keep facts straight before blearting them out... remember that your expecting people to believe you." Ditto....

KD5QLN (Amateur Radio Operator)

Mudbud (author)nikropht2009-10-05

oooooooooh your right. (why do people think marconi invented radio? he used15 of teslas patents and tesla did radio way before him.) oddly I have the same first name. KJ6CJH :) nice instructable.:)

Alex_T (author)Mudbud2016-02-08

Marconi invented the radio for sound transmission.

Laserbeamtoast (author)Alex_T2016-02-11

Marconi did not invent the radio. That would be Tesla. 6 months after his death, the supreme court invalidated Marconi's patents and awarded them to Tesla, because of his work predating Marconi's.

Alex_T (author)Laserbeamtoast2016-02-11

I don't see Tesla anywhere on Washington State's page,

Alex_T (author)Laserbeamtoast2016-02-11

Funny, which is the website of Washington State, must be wrong. Well, learn something new everyday.

ThatCatMan (author)nikropht2014-01-05

Where did you ever get the idea that Radio an microwaves are the same thing?
They are both types of electromagnetic radiation, but they have different frequencies and have different effects

Amateur is a proper title, as I see.

ubr.bzkr (author)nikropht2009-11-19

Well in a way they are the same thing. they are both forms of electromagnetic radiation. but saying that microwaves and radio waves are the same thing is the same as saying that light and radio waves are the same. its true that they are all forms of EM radiation but they each have a different frequency, and this is why they are not exactly the same thing, all, (almost all?) types of EM radiation can be harmful to humans if the waves are carring enough energy. we have radio waves and microwaves and light waves all arround us, but they only become dangerus when they are high energy such as the microwaves emmited from a microwave oven, or the light waves emmited from a high power laser, or high energy radio waves. the key to wireless energy isnt so much what type of EM radiation you use or its energy, its a combinatiojn of both. (as well as other more complicated factors such as evanescent wave coupeling and quantum tunneling, but thats for another disscussion.) 

twist2b (author)nikropht2009-08-05

Haha!!!!! The 2 are Not the same!!! Wiki "Frequency" and scroll down to the pick! Haha, fail.

nikropht (author)twist2b2009-08-05

First off Microwaves are more dangerous than what you call "Radio Waves". How do you think your microwave oven works?

Here are some wiki's for ya...

"Radio frequency (RF) is a frequency or rate of oscillation within the range of about 3 Hz to 300 GHz."

"Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with wavelengths ranging from 1 m down to 1 mm, or equivalently, with frequencies between 0.3 GHz and 300 GHz."

"Radio" Waves
" of or relating to electric currents or phenomena (as electromagnetic radiation) of frequencies between about 3000 hertz and 300 gigahertz"

So... Microwaves are Radio Waves, Microwaves happen to have smaller wavelengths in the Radio Frequency Spectrum than say VHF or UHF.

If you would like to learn more about RF check this site out

n00b001 (author)nikropht2009-11-01

On the electromagnetic spectrum, radio waves are the least dangerous, then microwaves, inferred, visible light, ultraviolet, x-ray and then, the most dangerous, Gamma rays. =D

kenan1101 (author)twist2b2009-11-18

4. 99.99% efficiency? I dont know of anything that efficient....

nawg (author)kenan11012011-08-21

Tesla turbine

shadowfox8284 (author)twist2b2009-09-10

actually he did do this, and there are test being done today with promising results, as a matter of fact a prototype is nearing final test and awaiting approval. If memory dictates an old issue of popular mechanics covered this, not trying to be mean or anything just clearing up the facts, not all radio waves are dangerous, this is why in controlled experiments electricity can be ran around the body and not through it, safe . so in the hands of someone who doesn't know what they are doing then well yes it can be, but in the hands of professionals it is perfectly safe and most likely to be how we transmit energy in the future, from space to ground, using solar farms in space and transmitting them back to earth. have a nice day

thermoelectric (author)TESLA12008-09-15

Now just how the hell did he do it

nikropht (author)thermoelectric2009-08-02 Search for Tesla, all his patents are there.

ramos96 (author)nikropht2013-07-14

Not all of them, there is a book of classified ones.

He's just plain incredible.

Yeah, I wish the plans were still around....

A few of them are. Most of them burned in the fire of his New York laboratory...

Ahhh, Thats sad

Yeah. If I remember correctly, the fire was started by someone sent out by Edison to do it.


Very. Very indeed.

Yeah< it would be very interesting having a Tesla coil powering the towns and citys...

Yes. And you'd never have to recharge your batteries!

Yeah, I wish it were possible

he started a project on a large tower but j.p morgan and others cut funding. The main reason for this was not the cost as much as it was that these where the same companies that just brought AC power to everyone. Tesla made things obsolete the month after inventing them.

netbuddy (author)Coffee bean2012-05-20

JPMorgan pulled funding because Tesla was secretly forwarding his transmission of electricity project behind his backers backs and Morgan had invested with Edison's inferior DC system.

It wasn't until Tesla teamed up with Westinghouse(?) that that Edison felt threatened and refused to allow a single sale of his light bulbs for the AC demonstration as a public fair where his AC system lit the entire city and without a power station on every block.

You also have the mysterious events of the destruction of his works in the lab fire, or were those works destroyed or were they stolen before and the whole thing staged???

You have to remember that people like Edison were not nice people, the fact that he promised Tesla $50,000 to improve his inferior DC generators and did just that, was given the bums rush when Edison told Tesla after working hard for a year that it was a joke. This greedy and arrogant person and I refuse to call him a man as thats disrespectful to fellow mankind. He like others were successful off the back of Tesla, none of the modern hero's would exist if it wasn't for Tesla and IMHO the world owes Tesla a memorial in every university and city that is on this planet to honor the man for what he has done for us all and continues to do beyond the grave.

thermoelectric (author)netbuddy2012-05-20

That sums up Tesla and how awesome he was very well.

Ah, Darn power companies ;-(

Yes, exactly. He would constantly come up with new ideas for everything, and everyone would have to switch to them immediately, or all their electronics would stop working.

V-Man737 (author)puffyfluff2008-12-02

*sigh* the Chuck Norris of science.

thermoelectric (author)V-Man7372008-12-02

Yep, He is......

It's not surprising...


ReCreate (author)thermoelectric2008-12-29

you say yeha all the time

thermoelectric (author)ReCreate2008-12-29

Yeah, Thats what happens when your in a hurry.....


puffyfluff (author)Coffee bean2008-12-30


So sad...

Hehehe, Lol


I have a new problem. I have no idea how to reply to that :-(


n00b001 (author)thermoelectric2009-11-01

If Tesla did make his big wireless power thing correctly - and we used it instead of AC power lines, how would you tax/charge (pun not intended) for using the electricity?

ALSO I just want to continue this epic reply conversation.

V-Man737 (author)n00b0012009-11-01

That's the point. At the time, they had no way of governing who could tap into that kind of power source. Without such governance, they couldn't make money. So the people who loved money tore it down.

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