This is wireless controlled race start light system.This is made for our Motor racing club Racing events.Specially for Auto test and Hill Climb racing events.

Old time we used wave the checkered flag to competitor and give the start signal.But now we using wireless control light system.Even we can do any night race events.and no any confusing or any error when using light system for race start.and when using wireless its so easy.

Step 1: Collect All the Items You Need

I have designed and made the PCB and all other stuffs.

One round Light has 92Led's.

RED Led's = 92 x 4

Green Led's = 92 x 4

220Ohm 1/4W resistors = 44 x 4

433Mhz 4 channel wireless remote control module - bought from ebay.

Wires,Soldering iron,and solder wires.

Nut and bolts.

Solder and finish the PCB's

great wrk hary keep it...:)

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