This project is to control wireless robot by pointing with our smartphone at any direction we what the robot to go ( when the phone leans forward , backward , left or right )
Or by giving it Voice orders ( Forward , Backward , left or right ) .
We can use the same idea for chair of disabled people ,so they can only move their phones or give the chair an order by their voice .
So let's know how this is made step by step .

Step 1: Components Needed

Hardware :
1- Arduino Uno, you can buy it from here
2- 1sheeld board , you can buy it from here ,to know how to use 1sheeld check Getting started with 1sheeld and read about Orientation Shield , Voice Recognition Shield and Text-to-Speech Shield as we will use them in our project .
3- Motor shield (Motor driver for controlling the 2 motors ) , you can buy it from here
4- robot kit , you can buy it from here
5- 2 Lithium Batteries , each one 4.2 volts , you can buy it from here
6- USB cable
7- Male/Male jumpers
8- Android Smartphone

Software :
1- Arduino IDE , you can download it from here
2- 1Sheeld Mobile application , you can download it from GOOGLE PLAY STORE

Step 2: Mounting Our Boards

- Mount and adjust 1Sheeld as illustrated here
- Mount the Motor shield over 1sheeld board
- Connect the Arduino board to your PC to burn the code ( Illustrated code attached )

Step 3: Connecting Motors and Batteries With Motor Shield

- Now connect two terminals of the left Motor to OUT1 and OUT2 , and the two terminals of the right Motor to OUT3 and OUT4
- Then connect the batteries , red wire to Vcc and black wire to GND
- Then scan for your shield and select Orientation shield , Voice recognition shield and Text to speech shield

Step 4: Now We Can Try Our Project

- lean your Smartphone forward ( you can notices on the orientation shield the values of X, Y and Z change ) , the robot moves forward
- Or you can put down your phone and use Voice Recognition shield to give voice orders ( press tap to speak )
- And finally text to speech shield will warn you if you said wrong voice order and tells you " please say your order again "

Can you please give the Indian links for all the components/robot chassis!
I couldn't reach Indian links,but you can buy anything from Amazon through "Lynks" but with extra money for shipping

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