Step 2: MAC Address Filter List

This MAC ADDRESS FILTER LIST window will come up. As you can see, mine already has some MAC addresses in it, your's will be blank. Click the WIRELESS CLIENT MAC LIST button.
<p>you can find more information about a media access control address on the website http://wlan-wifi.com/mac-address</p>
<p>How can we reserve an IP for a particular MAC address?</p>
<p>Thanks a bunch, it was of great help</p>
Good job. But you should really update your firmware to DD-WRT. Much more customizable.
awesome Instructable, i am getting a router soon, so this helps alot!! +1 rating from me!
i just got done putting in about a thousend of these in yosmite
MAC filtering, as tradergordo had said, is basically useless. You can (and I have) get pass MAC filtering by simply grabbing a few packets and spoofing your MAC address. It doesn't take much time and with tools found on the internet, any idiot could do it. It adds more hassle to your network than security. WPA encryption would be enough for any home network. Even WEP cracking takes longer than getting pass MAC filtering.
Maybe I read too fast, but I don't think you made it very clear that you are only using MAC filtering to BAN certain mac addresses on an as needed basis if and when someone is abusing your connection, but leaving the connection open/free to anyone else. I guess that makes sense for some people. Most people that I know use MAC filtering to only ALLOW certain MAC addresses to connect to thier network - which is just plain stupid as it makes no sense to try to make your network appear unsecured if in fact you want to secure it (with a lousy, easy to defeat, method of MAC address filtering).
The method I showed is to only allow certain computers to use the network. I think when I said that it was a way to keep a roommate or neighbor off of the network, it made it sound as if it was to block those people specifically. The actual settings of this instructable however are only to PERMIT certain computers. I should probably clear that up in the steps. As I said in the write-up I know this isn't bulletproof, but it has worked for me for a long time with no problems. Also, for me it did "make sense" to make the network seem unsecure. I lived in a dorm-like situation while working on a job, and everyone started leeching off of my wireless, even though they had plug-in connections in their rooms. If I had secured it and people could see that I was intentionally blocking them out, they all would have been asking to get on the network. Doing it this way stopped all the leeching. Only one person figured out that I had put a block on, and in exchange for his silence, I let him on.
Oh, in that case, I guess I just don't get it. You can use encryption, which is actually intended for this purpose and not as easily defeated, while still broadcasting your SSID so people know your network exists. Your solution really doesn't make any sense to me.<br/><br/>If you only want to allow certain specific users, use a strong encryption instead. Just because you haven't had problems doesn't mean you WON'T. The &quot;wrong person&quot; could be on your network within a couple of minutes, and using it to do something that could get you in trouble. Yes, the probability is probably low, but still, this is what encryption is for. MAC filtering is not secure:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAC_filtering">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAC_filtering</a><br/><br/>WEP encryption is also pretty worthless but better than MAC filtering. WPA encryption is better.<br/>
It adds a layer of security, but not much (mac addresses can be spoofed). But this, plus WAP makes for some reasonable security.
Smart idea. This can help a lot of people. I have the same router too, but we use a different one because that one got all messed up. Awesome job. +1 rating.

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