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Introduction: Wireless Xbox360

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Watch this video if you want to learn how to hook up your Xbox 360 to your Xbox live account without having to buy the pesky little $100 modem from u know who!



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    great, I've wanted to attempt this but thought it would destroy my 360! Thanks

    Great 'ible! Super easy to understand and very well presented! Well done!

    it worked perfectly step by step video helped solve my problem thanks

    im usinG XP and when i try to allow internet sharing in the advanced tab it tells me it cannot be configured becuase a LAN connection is already configured with IP address that is required for automatic IP adressing
    i attached a screen shot

    i'm on xp and when i click on the tick box in wireless network connection / advanced and it tells me to select a home networking connection: local area connection or wireless network connection no matter which one i choose i get this message ;

    Internet connection sharing cannot be enabled
    A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address that is required for automatic IP adressing


    Could also buy a $30 wireless router and set it up as a repeater. Wireless router to ---> Wireless router. It would free up your laptop and use less energy. Plus it will extend the wireless signal. $30 verse $100.

    Ethernet cables are cheap, just grab one long enough to run to your router, less laggy than wireless, more reliable overall, just plain better

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    OK, how about the fact as a few people stated that laptops kill 360s? The ethernet onboard most laptops is not properly voltage regulated, and the flux in voltage can burn up the 360s mobo.

    A more complicated setup, still using long cables, extra hardware 20x largerthan the OEM accessory, and it ONLY costs $300 more (at least).

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    It doesn't cost ANYTHING if you already have a laptop.. and you can get a netbook for $200 that has far more uses than a 360 accessory that will end up a paperweight with the next Gen systems come out..

    well if you already have a laptop. All you need to buy is the Ethernet cable. ($10) and thats by far better than the modem. Yea is bulkier but it's a quick fix.

    You can connect to xbox live using this method but i personally wouldn't recomend it.

    i've gone through about 12 -15 (wasn't really counting)  xbox's since i bought my 1st console 2nd hand a few of them stopped working for other reasons but l went through the most of them when i shared my laptops internet connection through xp.

    I connected in this way for approximatly 3-4 months when i was connected in this way i went through around 8 -10 most of which had the same error i can't remember the exact code but console displayed 3 red lights and error message i asked guy at the store were a kept returning my consoles and he said the error was to do with hardware failure on the ethernet port.

    I kept getting newer consoles which also broke the one i have now is one that i had previously returned but having been repaired shortly after recieving this console i stopped connecting through my laptop and i've had this one for at least without and problems.

    I would risk this if you dont have a guarantee on your xbox i was lucky that with store i bought my console from i could just go a swap it for another there and then with out having to send it off.

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    That doesn't make any sense at all.. The way you connect your network connection  isn't going to fry your Xbox.  And even if it WERE true what kind of moron would keep doing the same thing over and over and ruin 12-15 Xbox 360 consoles?! I Nobody would.. and that's why your story reeks of fish.. I think maybe you work for M$ and want to scare people into buying overpriced accessories. Nice try buddy!

    I have windows Vista 64bit and idk if other 64bit users have this problem but,  i went through many of the same problems some people have been experiencing. What you want to do is, NOT check this box he says to check: "Allow other network devices to connect to the internet through this computer", or something to that effect. Just connect you xbox with your network cable. once you see it in the "manage networks" or "network connections" window hold ctrl and click both connections on the page(wireless network connection & Local area connection) release ctrl. Right click on either of them and select "bridge connection" wait for thing to reset and configure them selves and there you go :D

     Had many problems connecting. Forget Bridging just follow this video. 
    Connected first time.
    Running vista 32 bit.