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Control an igniter remotely from your mobile phone
Here is a wireless igniter controlled by a mobile phone. It can be used to ignite fireworks or for model rocketry from a safe distance. The main components are: an android device, bluetooth module, arduino board, ULN 2004, relay and a short lenght of nichrome wire. The entire circuit is extremely easy to replicate.

The device works as follows:
1. The phone and the app I wrote for it sends a byte through bluetooth connection when you press the fire button
2. The byte is received by a bluetooth module inside the ignitor. The module sends it through serial to RX pin on the arduino board
3. The arduino board and a sketch I created checks if it received the right byte and if it's OK it sets pin 7 to HIGH state
4. A ULN2004 switches a relay on
5. Current heats up nichrome wire wrapped around a match and ignites it

If you like to learn more about interfacing microcontrollers and android devices consider viewing this -> how to create a remote

Step 1: Electric Igniter

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The most basic electric igniter is a length of wire. Most thin wire will do, but nichrome wire, which can be found in old hair-driers and similar appliances, is the best. Cut 1.5 - 2" of wire and wrap it around a match - make sure there are leads to which you can attach aligator clips. It's good idea to use superglue to secure the wire in place

Step 2: Wiring

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Here is wiring. The hardest to get part is a bluetooth module. I used a BTM222 chip on a breakout board which is populated bu a voltage regulator and a level shifter (Don't ask me where I got it - I bought it from a local guy who makes them - don't know how to contract him). Any bluetooth module that support SPP and master mode will do.
The rest is pretty self explanatory.

Step 3: Arduino Code

cope and paste code:

const int ignpin = 7;      // the pin that the LED is attached to
  int serialA;
void setup()
  // initialize the serial communication:
  // initialize the ledPin as an output:
  pinMode(ignpin, OUTPUT);

void loop() {

if (Serial.available() > 0) {serialA =;Serial.println(serialA);}

      switch (serialA) {
      case 49:digitalWrite(ignpin, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(ignpin, LOW);
      serialA = 0;


Step 4: App

I created the app using MIT's app inventor.
Here you can download the app ->

and here is source code you can download to modify the app ->


thiolate (author)2016-10-30

this is great, replace relay with mosfet board.

would like to mske this 4 channel, is the aia available to modify?

many thanks

kelms1 (author)2016-06-05

Could it set off a strobe light

javy2141 (author)2014-10-19

What type of relay did you use for this project?

TheCommander (author)2014-01-06

You can also do this with two cheap prepaid phones, probably cheaper. You would just have to add a few capacitors,resistors and a relay hook it off the speaker or the little motor. As a bonus you could activate your project from any where.Of course you will want to adjust setting on the phone so no other calls,texts, or sound effects set it off.

incognito0288 (author)2013-08-24

hmmm.....not good.

marios8543 (author)incognito02882013-12-04


DemolisionWolf (author)2013-08-14

This is great!

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