Have a burned out light bulb? Have a few minutes? Make it a wireless lightbulb!

Cost: Between $1-$2
Difficulty:  EASY

Tools needed: Gloves, burned out light bulb (or fresh lightbulb), flat head screwdriver (to remove lightbulb base), tape (black electrical tape is best), and a solar yard light or single L.E.D and power source!
NOTE: The pictures used for this writeup involve a L.E.D. light from a hanging glow lantern. (purchases for $1.00 @ Dollar Store)

Time required: 5-15 minutes, depending on how long it takes you to remove the metal/glass base of the lightbulb. ***remove glass base with caution***

1. Buy any object that is powered by an L.E.D. ---> a single solar yard light works well
2. Disconnect the L.E.D. and power source (as a single unit) from given object
3. Hollow out the bottom of your burned out lightbulb (wear gloves and be CAREFUL)
4. Insert the L.E.D. into the base of the hollowed out light bulb
5. Attach the L.E.D. and powersource to the base of the lightbulb using tape!
6. Turn on the light and walk around with a "wireless lightbulb"

The images show the wireless lightbulb attached to the base. Also a few images show the wireless lightbulb on with light in the background and then on at night! Look real close in one pic and you can see the glow on my hand at night!

** It helps to have a power switch. (on/off)
** A solar yard light is great because you can simply unscrew the plastic light cover and place a lightbulb where the plastic yard light cover used to be.
** Place the wireless lightbulb in the blinds (if you have them) solar cell facing out and guess what, you have a solar powered lightbulb that lights up when the sun goes down!

For those of you with the skills; try placing multiple L.E.D's in the base of the lightbulb. Try increasing the power source. Maybe you can get this thing pretty bright and walk around with a bright wireless lightbulb!

HAVE FUN WITH THIS --> There have been a few times where I walk around outside carrying the lightbulb and people are very confused. It is not often you see somebody walking around with a lightbulb that is turned on!

I thought of this idea because you always see cartoons where "a lightbulb appears over a characters head when they have an idea" - Seemed like a good idea at the time...haha...

Also, I enjoy reading about Nikola Tesla. He made me think about designing my own wireless lightbulb! He may have influenced me with his picture holding a lightbulb!  He did more for society than many of us know. I suggest you read about him and learn more about such a great inventor....

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Justin S.
Founder www.FitnessPatterns.com

Just one question: how do you advocate 'hollowing out' the bottom of the lightbulb? I don't much feel like ending up with broken glass embedded in my hands. Any suggestions?
Foaly the Centaur, <br> <br>(Wear protective gloves and eyewear) I used a flat head screwdriver. You may need something thinner like a razor blade to pry the small metal weld off the bottom. Bend the small metal piece back, remove it, then use the screwdriver (or any pointed object) to carefully chisel the black glass from the interior of the base of the lightbulb. <br> <br>Be very careful and patient. Also, be sure to do this over a towell for easy clean up! <br> <br>Good luck! <br> <br>Justin S.

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