This instructable will attempt to show you how to make an animatronic doll controlled by a wireless nunchuk. This doll can only move its head though. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who can take this and expand on it and make it much better, and I encourage that completely. :)

This instructable will focus more on the coding and wiring than on the building. Since the doll you use for this project will play a major role in how you mount and house the components and the doll you use most likely will not be the same one I used, the exact way I mounted the components may not work for you.

Step 1: Main Materials

1. Arduino Duemilanove Board
    NOTE:  I origianlly tried to do this with an Arduino Uno but the code wouldn't work for the newer version. You also have to use the arduino 18 software to compile and load the code

2. Bread board for test wiring

3. universal blank circuit board

4. servo, this one is a pan/tilt

5. wireless Kama nunchuk
    NOTE: I know that this code works for this brand of wireless chuk. I cannot say for sure if other brands will work. The code I used was based on code written specifically for this brand of chuk.

6. Nunchuk extender cable
    NOTE: This is what i used to connect the nunchuk to the Arduino, there are adapters you can buy that will get the job done as well. I'm not sure if all the wiring will be the same though

7. soldering Iron and solder

8. doll
    NOTE: I got mine from Hobby Lobby, the limbs and head are plastic and the body is cloth

9.  power switch

10. momentary switch use for reset

11. small cardboard box to house Arduino and circuit board

12. 3" PVC pipe cut to fit in doll

13. battery, this one is 7.2 Volts

14. backpack
      NOTE: not necessary, used to hold extra components and the nunchuk

15.  small speaker
     NOTE: used with the wireless microphone to provide a way to make the doll "talk"

16. wireless microphone

17. wall wort
    NOTE: needed to cut off the end to attach to the battery to be able to power the arduino with it, must be center positive

18. RC 7.2V battery connector repair kit
      NOTE: used to connect to the battery so that we can splice this cable instead of the actual battery cable

19. wire for soldering to circuit board

20. various tools including screw driver, screws, drill, small saw, wrie cutters, wire strippers, electrical tape, bracket, wire, needle nose pliers. etc.

21. needle, thread, scissors, cloth (I used an old pillow case)

22. length of chain, length of material that looks like back pack straps
      NOTE: optional to make back pack and add chains to pants

very cool if not a little nightmare inducing!
This is kind of disturbing, but really brilliant.
thanks! that's what I was going for :)
What an incredible project!
Thanks. Yours went several steps farther :)
Wat doll brand did u use
to be honest, I don't remember. It was at hobby lobby in the doll making section. It was sold as a fully made doll without the stuffing already inside so kids could stuff it themselves.
why no video?
there are videos. there is one on the last step.
Oh, please please please let me know if you have ideas for making wings open, bend and flex (by remote if at ALL possible!!). I was a contestant on Sugar Dome on the Food Network (episode 1: a dragon's tale) and we were matched with an animatronics expert on our team. Bob Newton was awesome! But with one thing and another (mostly weight, time and disconnected wires), spoiler alert, our dragon didn't really function. I desperately want to see it work &quot;for real&quot;! Here is a simple re-creation of what it might have looked like (this is my quickie remake -- all landscape, dragon, wings, castle, etc is edible)
really?! that is wicked awesome!!! that dragon is SWEET! I wish I could help you out. This was my first and pretty much only complicated electronic project and I did it because it was an assignment for my digital multimedia class at UWF. I had my instructor and other classmates to help me work on it and I barely understood enough to do it. But there is an instructable on here that someone made huge electronic angel wings, maybe that person can help you out.
backpack was a nice touch! Great job!
thanks :)
That is freakin' awesome!
thanks! :)
Very cool project, and an excellent instructable. Looks like a really sweet doll until it moves, then the uncanny valley kicks in! Have you ever seen Puppet Master?
Oh yea. Puppet Master and Cats eye and Child's Play and Dolly dearest.
very well done!! (and really creepy)
Thank you, that was my goal. I originally wanted to use a Living Dead doll from Spencers but sadly it was too small... that would have been SICK!
Totally voting for you! <br>Great job!
Thank you!
Nice to see the finished product! :) Good luck in the contest... You got my vote!
HEY! Thanks! Im glad you like it :)
No problem. I know a lot of work went into it... and it looks great. :)
alot of frustrations too! lol, but so worth it! thanks again
This RAWKS, gratz!
Thank you, all mighyt professor of awesomeness :p
For a prank, you should give that doll to a girl to play with and then when she has it, hide somewhere and make it move! AHHH! THIS DOLL IS ALIVE!!!
I did something similar. I took it to the mall on a busy Saturday night and sat it on a table in the foodcourt and then I sat at a table a little bit aways and had the doll's head follow people as they walked by. Talk about fun stuff!!!

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