Step 1: Main materials

1. Arduino Duemilanove Board
    NOTE:  I origianlly tried to do this with an Arduino Uno but the code wouldn't work for the newer version. You also have to use the arduino 18 software to compile and load the code

2. Bread board for test wiring

3. universal blank circuit board

4. servo, this one is a pan/tilt

5. wireless Kama nunchuk
    NOTE: I know that this code works for this brand of wireless chuk. I cannot say for sure if other brands will work. The code I used was based on code written specifically for this brand of chuk.

6. Nunchuk extender cable
    NOTE: This is what i used to connect the nunchuk to the Arduino, there are adapters you can buy that will get the job done as well. I'm not sure if all the wiring will be the same though

7. soldering Iron and solder

8. doll
    NOTE: I got mine from Hobby Lobby, the limbs and head are plastic and the body is cloth

9.  power switch

10. momentary switch use for reset

11. small cardboard box to house Arduino and circuit board

12. 3" PVC pipe cut to fit in doll

13. battery, this one is 7.2 Volts

14. backpack
      NOTE: not necessary, used to hold extra components and the nunchuk

15.  small speaker
     NOTE: used with the wireless microphone to provide a way to make the doll "talk"

16. wireless microphone

17. wall wort
    NOTE: needed to cut off the end to attach to the battery to be able to power the arduino with it, must be center positive

18. RC 7.2V battery connector repair kit
      NOTE: used to connect to the battery so that we can splice this cable instead of the actual battery cable

19. wire for soldering to circuit board

20. various tools including screw driver, screws, drill, small saw, wrie cutters, wire strippers, electrical tape, bracket, wire, needle nose pliers. etc.

21. needle, thread, scissors, cloth (I used an old pillow case)

22. length of chain, length of material that looks like back pack straps
      NOTE: optional to make back pack and add chains to pants