Step 13: Mount Servos in the Head

I apologize for the lack of visuals in this step. There was alot of trial and error involved in this step so the documentation isn't up to par. I am pretty sure there is a much better and easier way to mount the servos but I will explain how I did it.

1. cut the dolls head off the body. Leave as much fabric as possible on the sides where the arms connect.

2. Use a saw to cut open the scalp

3. Here is where it gets a little vague. You need to attach the servo to the head and run the wires down through the neck. The servos also need to be mounted to the pipe. I mounted the servo with the bar of the top servo facing the back of the head.

4. First place the servo in the head and run the wires down through the neck

5. now we need to make the connections to later mount the servo to the pipe before we can close the head and attach the servo. I used a piece of wire clothes hanger to fashion an arm of sorts. This arm was then attached to one side of the servo, ran down through the neck and will then be attached to the side of the pipe opposite the attachment to the servo. I have made a diagram to illustrate what I am trying to describe.

6. Now screw the scalp to the servo. This is a little tricky to line up but it holds it well.

7. When the servo moves, the flap we cut in the head will lift. To fix this, just screw on a bracket to hold it down.

8. Now line up the head and screw the wire to the pipe. The wire will want to move when the servo does so use a washer to make the attachment firmer.

very cool if not a little nightmare inducing!
This is kind of disturbing, but really brilliant.
thanks! that's what I was going for :)
What an incredible project!
Thanks. Yours went several steps farther :)
Wat doll brand did u use
to be honest, I don't remember. It was at hobby lobby in the doll making section. It was sold as a fully made doll without the stuffing already inside so kids could stuff it themselves.
why no video?
there are videos. there is one on the last step.
Oh, please please please let me know if you have ideas for making wings open, bend and flex (by remote if at ALL possible!!). I was a contestant on Sugar Dome on the Food Network (episode 1: a dragon's tale) and we were matched with an animatronics expert on our team. Bob Newton was awesome! But with one thing and another (mostly weight, time and disconnected wires), spoiler alert, our dragon didn't really function. I desperately want to see it work &quot;for real&quot;! Here is a simple re-creation of what it might have looked like (this is my quickie remake -- all landscape, dragon, wings, castle, etc is edible)
really?! that is wicked awesome!!! that dragon is SWEET! I wish I could help you out. This was my first and pretty much only complicated electronic project and I did it because it was an assignment for my digital multimedia class at UWF. I had my instructor and other classmates to help me work on it and I barely understood enough to do it. But there is an instructable on here that someone made huge electronic angel wings, maybe that person can help you out.
backpack was a nice touch! Great job!
thanks :)
That is freakin' awesome!
thanks! :)
Very cool project, and an excellent instructable. Looks like a really sweet doll until it moves, then the uncanny valley kicks in! Have you ever seen Puppet Master?
Oh yea. Puppet Master and Cats eye and Child's Play and Dolly dearest.
very well done!! (and really creepy)
Thank you, that was my goal. I originally wanted to use a Living Dead doll from Spencers but sadly it was too small... that would have been SICK!
Totally voting for you! <br>Great job!
Thank you!
Nice to see the finished product! :) Good luck in the contest... You got my vote!
HEY! Thanks! Im glad you like it :)
No problem. I know a lot of work went into it... and it looks great. :)
alot of frustrations too! lol, but so worth it! thanks again
This RAWKS, gratz!
Thank you, all mighyt professor of awesomeness :p
For a prank, you should give that doll to a girl to play with and then when she has it, hide somewhere and make it move! AHHH! THIS DOLL IS ALIVE!!!
I did something similar. I took it to the mall on a busy Saturday night and sat it on a table in the foodcourt and then I sat at a table a little bit aways and had the doll's head follow people as they walked by. Talk about fun stuff!!!

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