Step 9: Connect it all to the Arduino

Picture of Connect it all to the Arduino
Now we can connect everything to the arduino and test our work.

1. Plug everything into the arduino. I have labeled the wires on the photo since the photo looks confusing even to me.

2. connect the battery and test the power switch

3. test the reset switch

4. try to control the servos, If movement left and right of the nunchuk makes the servo move up and down, your control wires are in the wrong pins. Just switch them around and test it again.

5. You can choose to solder the wires to the Arduino or just leave them plugged in as is. I did not solder mine, but a few of my wires were loose and kept coming unplugged. To fix this just bend a little of the wire back into itself and pinch it down with some pliers to make the wire thicker so it will stay plugged in better.

6. If all is right, move on to the next step.