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Here is my another project how to hide cables:)

My goals were not to destroy desk with screws and make it cheap as possible.

I put one cable canal on the wall, to hide cables that came from other side (electricity and utp).

Step 1: Cable Canal

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I used zip ties to attach cable canal on desk.

I suggest you, to use wider cable canal. It would be much easier to hide all cables.

Step 2: Box Under PC

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Left side panel is removable. I put magnets to hold it in position and piece of plastic to easily open it.

Step 3: Wiring

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I modified power strip and added switch on the front side of the box, so I can turn off all devices.

Step 4: Finish

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I'm very happy with result:)


batvanio (author)2017-01-13

It is good to organize cables, but something escapes me. Why are 5 things included in the extension as seen generally three things that are connected (TV, monitor and computer)? I personally have fewer wires because palzvam Wi-Fi adapter for Internet, wireless mouse and keyboard and wireless headphones. So save your cable clutter. Only my printer is unfortunately wire otherwise the computer would leave only two cables, one for power and second to monitor. Smarter would be to use the program, Windows 10 has built such example or dexpot (It is free).

diy-master (author)batvanio2017-01-13

This setup simultaneous use two users. (

- 1 Computer

- 2 monitors = 4 cables (2 for picutre, 2 for power)

- 1 wired keyboard (still works, no reason for new one)

- 1 wired speaker

- 1 wired headphones (still works, no reason for new one, and no problem with empty bateries :) )

- 2 monitors LED backlights

- 1 utp for internet (more stable and faster than wireless)

- 1 wireless keyboard

- 2 wireless mouses

batvanio (author)diy-master2017-01-13

Clear. Computer used by two. Because the photos showed only one keyboard and mouse thought just two desktop. A friend his brother so connected two output video card with a single monitor instead to use program. True lan cable gives more especially in wireless local connection where you can use the full speed while wireless is usually limited to 150 or 300 Mbs. Settings with this program seem less complicated. There was another similar (Aster), but also I have not tried.

diy-master (author)batvanio2017-01-13

Thank you for Aster ( program. Looks better or newer because support win10.

batvanio (author)diy-master2017-01-13

For nothing. I've seen only clips. May could anyone even use different OS. That was years ago. The problem of such programs is probably cooling the computer because the computer will load a lot if you play games more than 1 person. But already you can tell because you tested something like that in real terms.

pddonovan2011 made it! (author)2016-05-03

CHEAP?!? I love cheap, the less it costs the better. This is a very clever solution to a problem we ALL face, trust me, check out MY Desk! Great Instructable, thanks for the solution I have been looking for

diy-master (author)pddonovan20112016-05-03

Thank you!!

Omg, you have real mess :)) You need verrrrry big cable canal:))

ArrolS (author)2016-03-29

size of the under pc box thingy please :3

diy-master (author)ArrolS2016-03-29

55x20x20 cm

ArrolS (author)2016-03-29

size of the under pc box thingy please :3

dackermans84 (author)2016-01-05

Very clean and excellent way to hide your cable's! You did a nice job!

diy-master (author)dackermans842016-01-05

thank you!

amberrayh (author)2015-02-10

It looks so much better! I need to do something like this with an open entertainment center (glass shelves).

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