Introduction: Wireless Remote Fireworks Tube Rack Diplay

 The quantum wireless remote firework starter is a safe way to ignite fireworks without getting hurt .

Step 1: Quantumfire Wireless Remote Firing System

1st picture ~ This is a picture of the remote control and 1 of the 12 remote starters that come with the set.
2nd & 3rd pic~ These two pictures show the actual igniter wire which ignites the firework.

Step 2: Mortar Tubes

I purchased 100 hdpe  (High Density Polyethylene) mortar tubes with plugs  from pyro

Step 3: Measuring for the Mortar Tube Box

 (1)  I stacked 10 tubes tight together and measured 24 1/4 inches long.
(2)  I then measured 2 tubes tight together which measured 4 7/8 long. which  would give me the width of each bottom board i had to cut.


Step 4: Cutting the Boards for the Box

(1) I used 1x6x8 foot pressure treated wood for the bottom boards of the box.
(2) I cut 4 boards 24 1/4 inches long.
(3)  Then i ripped them 5 inches wide which would hold two rows of 10 tubes each.

Step 5: Marking and Pre Drilling the Holes for Each Tube.

(1)  measure up from the bottom and down from the top of the board 1 1/2 inches. Then scribe a line the whole length of the board on top and bottom.
(2) First measure in from the end 1 1/2 inches on the top and bottom.  Then scribe a line for your first  two center lines for the mortar tubes.
(3) Next  measure every 3 inches and put a mark for the rest of the mortar center locations.
(4) i used a 1/8 inch drill bit to pre drill  all the holes.

(5) Repeat this whole process 4 more times to make the 100  mortar rounds .
(6) I used 10/32 flat washers and 1/12 deck screws.

Step 6: Making the Box Sides

(1) I cut 4 boards 24 1/4 inch long . I used  1 1/2 inch long deck screws two inches apart , and screwed the sides to the bottom .

Step 7: Finished Mortar Tube Box

Pic (1) shows the finished mortar tube box.
(2) Shows the 100 rounds of  x-calibur mortars.
(3) 3 thru5 show the proper way in install the mortars in the tubes. Each mortar round has  the word ( TOP) printed on the top of the round. * MAKE SURE THEY ALL GO IN THIS WAY SO YOU CAN SEE THE WORD TOP ON EACH ROUND AFTER YOU  DROP THEM IN....

Step 8: Wiring the Fuses Together

(1) I used 6 feet of the red fast fuse to wire all the mortars. Before you start wiring them together always snip the ends of all the mortar rounds at a 45 degree . Doing this  leaves some of the gun powder exposed which will help to ensure each mortar round ignites.
(2) When wiring , Make sure you tape all the fuses coming from each mortar in the same direction that the flame is coming from.

Step 9: Videos


coolbeansbaby68 (author)2013-09-11

Believe it or not thats 100 excalibur mortar rounds going off all at once .Took 28 seconds .That was an expensive 28 seconds let me tell you ...

Phil B (author)coolbeansbaby682013-09-11

I know it is expensive. You did well. I am still impressed.

coolbeansbaby68 (author)Phil B2013-09-12

Ahhh thanks phil i hope to do it again next year with a lot of changes of friends enjoyed it. I was so amazed that all 100 rounds went off without 1 misfire.

iceng (author)coolbeansbaby682013-09-12

Not a surprise you get 100% lift off after observing the quality of your construct
and the detailed explain of how to cut the primer at 45° for proper ignition..

BTW this may be obvious to most, but
I was initially concerned that the primer cords might impede the rising projectile.
Until I realized that the cord must first burn down and disappear
into flakes and gas before the mortar will begin to shoot up
out of the launch tube....

coolbeansbaby68 (author)iceng2013-09-13

I understand what you mean.I thought the same thing.I did a lot of research before i even started this project. If you watch the one video i have explaining the two different fuses and how they burn you will notice that the red fast fuse not only is faster but its hotter and has a much bigger flame when it burns. The green fuse just disintegrates totally. Another thing i was looking at very closely was the threat of cross burning from the flameof another firework. If you look online at different mortar racks you will notice they place a 3/4 inch slat between each row of motars. I did not do this so all the tubes were close together.But i made my box more rigid so i didnt need the support for the tubes like the ones you buy online. The only other thing i was worried about was that if something went wrong i had no control to stop it until all 100 rounds were finished . I told my friends watching if something goes wrong just keep you head down and count 100 booms before you raise your head lol. Here is a video link i found while doing my research which made me realize just how dangerous this can be .

This is why i spent the money on the HDPE tubes because if something happened they dont blow up with shrapnel like regular sch 40 pipe would . This video shows one tube blowing up and i had 100....

iceng (author)2013-09-11

Excellent construction, superb detail,  neat remote, great subject.

But why fire them sooo fast.  Can't your remote fire more then one individual igniter ?

coolbeansbaby68 (author)iceng2013-09-12

AI was just trying to simplify the 100 rounds for the first time using it. I was mostly concerned that all of them went off.

coolbeansbaby68 (author)iceng2013-09-12

Also there are 12 buttons on the remote which means you can control 12 controllers .Plus i think they said in the directions but dont quote me you can put up to 2 igniters on each controller.So 24 different igniters can be used in a big fireworks display.

coolbeansbaby68 (author)iceng2013-09-12

Thank you ice,
Actually you can fire more than 1 igniter on each controller. My intent was to have 100 rounds go off one after another for a grand finale but using the fast fuse its a foot a second and when i was wiring them i didnt keep them a foot apart either so they kinda went up all at once instead. Pretty expensive learning experience tho.

PCfreak (author)2013-09-12

cool. just wonderin where i can find the wireless remote that you have

coolbeansbaby68 (author)PCfreak2013-09-12

Here is a link where i bought mine from

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