Wish Dragon




Introduction: Wish Dragon

A sculpture to hang wishes on.

Step 1: Building the Base

Use cardboard, hot glue, and ductape to build a rock and a tree.

Step 2: Making Arms and Legs

Shape them like the pictures show. 

Step 3: Making the Body and Head

Shape them like the pictures show.

Step 4: Attaching the Limbs to the Body

Attach them like shown and pose the dragon on the rock.

Step 5: Bake It

Use a low temperature so that you don't melt the ductape and bake it for a few hours. 

Step 6: Paint It and Add Wishes

I used spray paint and then did the dots and stripe with a small brush. After you paint it, talk to your friends and find out what their wishes are, and attach them to the sculpture. 
You are now finished!



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