One of my favorite games of 2015 is Witcher 3, and I absolutely love the kaer morhen armor, So much in fact, that I convinced myself to attempt to make my very own armor using real leather, hand-made chainmail, and multiple techniques that allow me to make such a thing..... with no leather working tools.

Step 1: You Will Need.

To make this costume, you are gonna need a couple of things.

Tools including

Sewing machine

Hot glue gun

Heat gun


Hole punch kit

Mannequin (If you don have one then you will need a large amount of duct tape)

Materials: Leather.... Lots of leather, In various shades of brown

Polyester Thread Cotton material, 1x color for pants, 1x color for main vest sleeves.

Eva Foam (yoga mats are the easiest source generally)

Plastic sheeting. (PVC, or styrene. Or just cut up a plastic storage container)

Aluminum or steel 2mm wire. At least 120m.

Plastic strapping or corset boning. Strapping that's used for package wrapping.

Zips, Buckles, Cord.

Great work. I was wondering if you could tell me how you made the guard for your sword. Witcher silver swords always have that distinctive v-shaped guard, so i want to make one to attach to my existing sword.
<p>I really LOVE the Witcher and your tutorial are one of the best! Thank you for it XD</p>
<p>I may have missed it, but I gotta know how you made the pants. I'm not a cosplayer, but I've been looking everywhere for a pair of pants similar to those. Thanks for any info. That chain mail is genius btw. </p>
<p>nice work man! are you from Auckland? if not do you know any other witcher cosplayers who are in the north island? i've do a bit of editing/vfx and wanting to find others keen to make some vids</p>
Hello Aidan I live in Auckland and I will be Geralt in Ursine Enhanced armor for Auckland Armageddon my wife will be Iris Von Everec and Yennefer and a freind will be Triss Merigold me and my wife are on facebook and have a cospage there together ! Noona Pop and Mistah X cosplay ! Cheers mate !
cool, gave you a like. keen to see how triss turns out, witcher 2 or 3 triss? if only i had thought about it earlier, I could have made a Lambert outfit lol
Fantastic job! the length you went to complete this cosplay, down to bleaching your hair, is true dedication. Thanks for including the bit on chain maille, I needed that for a cosplay I'm working on.. keep up the good work!!
<p>Thanks for the tip, it's really helpful for me because this Halloween i am planning to be dress like Batman, have done my almost shopping from Amazon store including beautifully crafted &lt;a href=&quot;https://www.amazon.com/Witcher-Cufflinks-Wild-Hunt-Wolf/dp/B01IP5B5FA/&quot;&gt;Witcher 3 Cufflinks&lt;/a&gt;. you may buy this for cosplay or to gift some one.</p>
Does it work with fake leather as well ? Real one is really expensive where i live... great job btw
<p>Hey, so Im having trouble understanding how you exactly did the pants. Did you basically just take a single pant, cut it up, sow some seams for the detail then sow it back together? Or did you take two pants to make a single pant and then added seams? How did you get the brown the brown color?</p><p>Other than that, amazing job!</p>
<p>How much leather is lots of leather and where did you find the springs to make the chainmail?</p>
<p>Honestly I didnt take note of how much leather I used as I recycled a lot of scraps to make this costume. Aluminum springs were hand made by simply wrapping wire around a piece of dowel :D</p>
<p>is there a tutorial going into detail on how to do those swords? i would love to see one!</p>
<p>Not yet, there will be though. I have just been so caught up with other projects lately, ill hopefully be posting one in a few weeks :D</p>
<p>You looked AMAZING! .... This is mine and my hubby's favourite game of all time?</p><p>You deserved to win a major prize for your efforts. </p><p>I wish I was able to make this for my man, but I have no idea how to sew or use tools lol...</p><p>I wish you lived in Perth I'd pay good money for one to be made for him.</p><p>Once again, you did an amazing job! </p>
<p>Thank you very much, its easily one of my favourite costumes Ive made so far. :D<br><br>If i lived in perth I would happily make it haha</p>
I bought 2 leather jackets, and cut them up for a good base and enough leather for everything else. It's a good cheap way for leather, and easier to follow and understand for me (who has never done anything like this before). This guide covers most of the details I couldn't figure out on my own, so thanks. <br>(I'm still putting it together, but the picture is it so far)
<p>I really don't get how you did not win the &quot;best costume prize&quot;. Everything about your tutorial is better than the vader costume. How the judges came to this result is beyond me. </p>
Hey thank you for the support, I'd say a large part of it has to do with the star wars fan following, and the costume fact that his costume was &quot;featured&quot; on the opening page meant that he would have gotten a huge amount of foot traffic seeing his page. there will be a particular reason as to why I did not win, and as much as that camera would have made my life so much easier, there is nothing that can be done about it now.
<p>saw you at Auckland .. wicked cool .. nice work </p>
<p>YES!!! This is beyond amazing. You look perfect. The armor is so good, and I can't get over the hair!</p><p>And now I feel like I need to go run around Skellige and kill some monsters. :D</p>
<p>Absolutely amazing! You have captured Geralt perfectly. Well done on the chainmail, by the way.</p>
<p>Spring Chainmail... Unbelievably creative, totally cool.</p>
<p>Uncle Vesemir approve this (and me too!)</p>
<p>love it so amazeing</p>
<p>Incredible. I love all of the different materials you utilized in the build. Those gloves are spectacular. Just one question: Did you make your boot spats as well and do you have a build log?</p>
Hey, thank you very much, the boots are actually a set of grieves from another costume as I ran out of time, I will at some point be throwing a &quot;how to bid and instructables&quot; together for them as every one wants them :)
<p>Cool! I look forward to seeing that.</p>
Great one
Very impressive build. I can tell you have a massive amount of man hours invested in this. Hats off to you for a beautiful costume. So many great techniques and strategies. Thank you for sharing.
By the way, you should also entry this in the Halloween costume contest.
OMG ! THIS is so massively EPIC!
<p>By far the best costume tutorial in the contest! If it was up to me you would win. </p>
<p>looks epic mate, massive props for having the patience with the chainmail and the result is really impressive</p>

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