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Introduction: Witches' Brooms

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Kids can help you prepare these brooms :)

Step 1: Method

All you need is cheese single slice such as Kraft

Nori sheet or green onion (kids don't really like the green onion part so I use nori sheet usually when the brooms are served for them)

Pretzels sticks

From 1 slice of cheese you can create from 2 to 4 brooms, depending how fat you want the broom to be! This time I make two brooms out of 1 cheese by halving the cheese as shown.

On each half, slice as shown on third and fourth picture, without slicing through the end

Place one pretzel stick on picture number 5, and roll as picture number 6

Your broom is ready :) You can leave it as is, or cut a long nori sheet, long enough to wrap around the broom.

Step 2: Enjoy~

You can prepare these ahead of time, place brooms on serving plate, wrap tightly with plastic cling.



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