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Introduction: Witches on a Budget

1. Two tomato cages One large and one small- Larger cage on bottom. wire cage with legs into smaller cage. Depends on how tall you want your witches or monsters, Tomato cages must be upside down.
2. You can buy a styrofoam body or just a head. Only one tomato cage is needed if you buy a foam body. The top cage will have 4 legs. Use two of these to insert into the foam head. and the other two for the arms.
3. Glue a mask and eyes to foam head. Make hands or buy them.
4. Get hair or hats- clothes at a discount used clothing store.
Create your witch or monster anyway you imagine.
I glued a skull to one witch and a empty snow globe to the other. I inserted a light and eyes into the snowglobe.
5. You can even put a walkie talkie into the cage and talk to the trick or treaters. The kids love it.
6. These  things scared me and hubby so many times because thier so real. We forgot they were in the house and walked around the corner and scared us silly.
Let me see your monsters



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    Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? made out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like show some love in return :-)

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    Where is yours located prop or decorations, and what is it called. Love to see them


    Really cute!

    What is a styrofoam body and once completed, how tall do these "ladies" end up being?

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    A styrofoam body .. Is sometimes you see them in department stores - Manniquins. Their appox. 20 or so dollars online. And they do stand life size, believe me they scared me and my hubby plenty of times in the house. And what really cool is the head bobbles in the wind. Thank you for the compliment.