Witch's Hat Decoration (Easy and Inexpensive; and it lights up too!)

With all the witches zooming about on their brooms this Halloween Season at least one is bound to loose their hat -- a great opportunity for a nice decoration. But if a witch's hat does not fall into your lap, you can make your own decoration, very inexpensively. This Lighted Witch's Had can be used as a decoration to add a bit of the Halloween Season sitting about wherever you want, as a table centerpiece or floating in the air (hanging from wire or fishing line). The cost of materials for this project is $2, a bit more if you don't have some AA batteries and incidentals lying about (AA batteries, $1 for 8 at Dollar Tree).

Step 1: Supplies


Adult or Children's Witches Hat ($1 at Dollar Tree; orange, purple and black available this year)

Battery powered 10 Orange LED Light Set ($1 at Dollar Tree; pick color of lights to match hat; orange, purple, white, etc.)

2 AA Batteries (8 for $1 at Dollar Tree)

Metal Coat Hanger or other stiff wire

Hot Glue Gun & stick

Wrapping Tape (Scotch Tape)

Duct Tape

Wire Cutters and Pliers

Clear Fishing Line*

Needle and Black Thread*


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