Picture of Witch's brew
Witch's brew is a punch I make every year for Halloween parties.

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of ingredients
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You will need the following ingredients:

     -lemon-lime soda  (I use 7up)
     -vanilla ice cream
     -fruit juice (i suggest cranberry because it looks like blood)
     -food coloring (optional)
     -gummy worms (optional)
     -dry ice
     -punch bowl
lucandi1 year ago
Wow I remembered something like this years ago , I am so glad to have found your witches brew I'll be making this for Halloween
epicdude2200 (author)  lucandi1 year ago
cool, glad i could help!
dmonguy1 year ago
DO NOT store in a freezer! Leave outside or in a well ventilated room. Remember, dry ice isnt really ice, its a gas!